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Its Your Legacy - So Tell It Your Way

The Personal Legacy you  establish at MyCloudMemorial.com reserves a permanent spot in the Internet Cloud just for you, your story and its legacy.

*   It tells in words, pictures, videos and text the living evolving tale of your life.  It is your legacy to  the future where your children, grandchildren, friends and many others can get a closer sense of your life and who you are.  Build your legacy site on the Cloud at MyCloudMemorial; you will love it and so will they.

*  If needed you may also create a permanent memorial site here for a departed family member or friend - for other friends and family to visit now and in the future.  They simply go to www.MyCloudMemorial.com and enter the person's name in the 'Search Box' at the top of the page. 

*  Your personal legacy site is a most valuable asset to all your future caregivers: doctors, nurses, therapists, mentors, spiritual teachers and guides and anyone else who needs to know more about you to be of service to you.  It is also an aid to recruiters and future employers.  

The Home of Personal Legacies

The Legacy Site Created For You

A Legacy/Memorial Site Housing The Story of Many Lives

  • This website is a place to locate the Personal Portraits of many people including friends and family on legacy sites, It is also a good place to add your own story, life portrait and personal journey in a legacy site of your own.
  • At this exclusive address, anyone can offer up his or her own life story as a personal legacy in the form of a legacy portrait or self portrait; painted as they please to contain only that which they choose to share with family and friends – as their life continues and their legacy keeps growing.
  • It is a website on which to locate the story of people who may be of interest to us to learn more about their lives, interests and achievements.  These can include friends, family, colleagues, personal acquaintances and even neighbors; or people of note or celebrity such as sports figures and stars of stage, screen and TV.
  • On individual legacy sites, located by using the use of the  [Search Box] above, are fascinating personal Legacy Portraits containing stories, videos, photos, milestones and connections to lots of folks.  


  • Personal Legacy portraits on the Internet Cloud are also a place to link with the social media connections of people you know or know something about in order to get closer to them.
  • Each Personal Legacy portrait site has an ‘Admin’ responsible for its content – usually the person himself or herself –  who selects what is of social interest and value to others to include in their Personal Legacy portrait or life story, 
  • These ‘about me’ personal legacies present and portray individuals and their story in the manner they ‘choose to be seen’ by others from a personal, social, spiritual, artistic or  other perspective.  Basically they are saying: “Here world, here is who I really am and this is my story”!
  • This website is not intended to hold the granular details of people’s life stories.  Instead it is a place for individuals to characterize themselves in their own way including to the extent they choose some of the more colorful, eventful and playful experiences of their lives to share with others.
  • Each site can have some pages open to the general public and others that are secured by a password to limit access to family and friends 

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