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Anthony Bourdain

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  •   Arrived June 25, 1956 in New York
  •   Starring in New York and the Culinary World

His life has been a wild ride with great friends and family, good health, several great careers, financial success and lots of fun and travel.  Here on this site you will find some remembrances of Anthony Bourdain doing his thing.  When Mr. Bourdain takes over this site as editor and admin, he is sure to enliven it with more stories, more observations and much more about life and good food.  In the meantime, here is our personal legacy living portrait of a most charming man who is both a rogue and gifted personality - Ed

Anthony Bourdain

Bringing Food and Culture Together is His Game

From Master Chef to Media Personality to Cultural Icon

  • Good food and its role in the lives of people worldwide is Anthony Bourdain’s stock in trade.  From his early days at Vassar College to graduating from the Culinary Institute of America, tasting life in all its forms, some of it on the edge of society, while living the hard life of the cook reaching to become a master chef, has been the journey Anthony travelled for some forty years – now with considerable and growing success.
  • To the world of food and travel he often seems a Dylan Thomas armed with a sharp set of culinary knives, a sharp wit and an appetite for adventure.  Like Dylan he has crossed over many times into the dark and sordid side of life to find his own truth and to measure himself against the real world of real people striving to exist and to enjoy life.

parts-unknown 2

  • After multiple successful shows on TV and similar accomplishment as an author it is fair to say that Anthony Bourdain is a major TV personality much admired by the public and by his peers.  On his show Charlie Rose showed Bourdain much admiration and respect as a chef, author and TV personality of note.  It is fair to say that Bourdain has truly arrived as a star in New York and on world media firmament.
  • So how does such a fun living, hard drinking, heavy smoking, food connoisseur and major food critic come to be a popular media star?  How does a man who has lived so much on the edge with cocaine, heroin, LSD, methaqualone and psilocybin fungi organize himself sufficiently to produce scores upon scores of highly entertaining TV episodes  for his  Anthony Bourdain – Parts Unknown, No Reservation  and The Layover shows?


  • The answers lie in the man himself.  In a world of mostly fat between the ears, self-engrossed, full of puffery, types of dilettantes pretending to be real people, here is Anthony Bourdain a very real, very inquisitive, very adventurous fascinating character.  He has lived the life all his adult life, and watching him do so has been engrossing to many people who watch his shows and follow his life.
  • That his wife Ottavia Busia is serious martial arts practitioner, as is he, should not surprise us.  After all, the balance of mind, body and spirit that enlivens this Zen driven life style fits in nicely with the man himself.  He has indeed walked on the edge.
  • The Travel Channel once described its star Anthony Bourdain as follows: Once known as the bad boy of cooking, Bourdain is settling into an only slightly more dignified position as a professional gadfly, bête noire, advocate, social critic and pork enthusiast. He is as unsparing of those things he hates as he is evangelical about his passions. 

Chef-Anthony-Bourdain-001   B as Young Chef

  • After years of itinerant work as a cook and chef from Cape Cod to Madison Avenue, Anthony Bourdain rose to become Executive Chef and now Chef-at-Large of the famed Brasserie Les Halles high-style restaurant in Manhattan.  It was indeed a long and arduous journey for him, comprised of much work, some reasonable success and lots of highs and lows; all punctuated with good times, good friends and great and unusual food and drink.
  • All the while Anthony was also still learning, growing and writing.  His Kitchen Confidential, A Cook’s Tour and Nasty Bits books among others all won him critical acclaim, a good deal of literary fame and a place among the cognoscenti of food and fine dining.
  • With his wife Ottavia and daughter Ariane, the Bourdain family is both a bit exotic and also quite the upper striving New York personality success story.  What makes Bourdain’s TV shows so appealing in large part is his, down with the people, way of dealing with everyone around him.  He is in the best sense still an ordinary Joe, but one with an abundance of culinary talent, a sharp wit and a common touch.  You got to love the guy!

B Shopping   B ha a Daughter

  • How he keeps it all together, family life, travel and filming, his writing, as well as a growing celebrity is both surprising and commendable.  Mixing a heavy work schedule with lots of travel and some heavy eating and drinking does take its toll.  Fortunately, Anthony Bourdain seems to have the stomach and the ‘gout’ for it all.  Indeed he has a great appetite for life, for fun and for work as well.
  • In his far flung world travels there have been great adventures, some real challenges and on more than one occasion as in Lebanon during the war and Iran today there have been real dangers and much personal risk to Bourdain and his crew.  To a guy like this that is and was all part of what makes for a great adventure and a great TV show.
  • The Anthony Bourdain food and travel TV shows have gone most everywhere, from the great eateries and kitchens of Lyon, France to the jungles of Central America.  There we have seen and watch him taste the great cuisines of the great cities of the world as well as the delicious fare often served on a napkin out of the street food vendors of Asia and Latin America.

Bourdain  AnthonyBourdain Smoking  Bourdain dummy  B on Safari

  • To be a big man, to stand tall, to dare to face all that life has to offer, to master a great art and to communicate what one has learned is quite an achievement.  To accomplish it all with a somewhat strange mixture of humility and bravado in a world of the real – for food and communications are real – takes a special person, and special indeed is Anthony Michael Bourdain.

From Me To You - Personally

My Legacy Message

For Example Anthony Bourdain Offer: 

Regarding the rapidly changing world, my take is: 

  • There is good food even great food everywhere in the world, if only we will look for it and give it a taste.
  • Some of the best and most interesting cuisine has its roots in the so called peasant food of the people here, there and everywhere. 
  • Therefore, it is in these ingredients and their preparation that one can find the traces of mankind's history as well as the foundation of innovative new cuisine. 
  • One of the most valuable and important aspects of travel is to experience the foods and the culture of foreign lands.  Its always different when your really there.
  • All sorts of change and drama will come and go in the world, so stay close and focused on friends and family and enjoy life as much as you can. 

Family Announcements & New Milestones

  • I'm told that my daughter Ariane is the best of Ottavia and me.
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