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Ardith Vignati Willner

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Welcome To The  Ardith Vignati Willner

Legacy on the Cloud   10002261944

  •    Arrived  on February 26, 1944 at San Francisco, CA
  •    Now Living My Life in Santa Cruz, CA

My story is about a happy marriage, good friends and family, health and energy, some  interesting careers and financial well being, plus lots of fun, adventure and travel.  Here are some highlights, stories and photos.  These memories connect me to Jim Croce's song  Time In A Bottle, our first love song.  Email me your remembrances or even a message..

..Nameste,  Ardith

My Remembrances And Stories

My Self Portrait  – As A Living Legacy – This Is Me

What A Life I’ve Had So Far – Here Are Some Highlights

  • My life has been filled with love, wonderful experiences, great adventures, and the daily benefit of an exceptional level of energy… enough to make the energizer bunny blush.
  • I am so please that you have an interest in my view of who I am. I hope you enjoy the remembrances and highlights I’ve included; I sure did while reconnecting with the many nice people, places, events and stories of my past.
  • True to form, my birth in San Francisco came one whole month early. It was a wonderful childhood born to parents who really wanted a girl as their second child to love and encourage.
  • 1945  My horse
  • In the late 1950’s, dad took the whole family for a one hour ride on a United Airlines DC 6 and I fell in love with flying. In time I became a flight attendant with Flying Tigers, a then famous airline with a very colorful military past supporting China in WWII.  The original Flying Tigers were real American heroes and air aces in the war.
  • As a newbie I was constantly being bumped off of flights by more senior crew members waiting transport from foreign destinations and exotic places. As a result, I gained semi-regular forced three to five day layovers in Paris and Tokyo on Flying Tiger’s expense account – a great prize. As a young single woman with an adventurous spirit I took full advantage of every one of those babies!
  • Flying Tigers temporarily stationed me with El Al Airlines in Israel, during a seven months equipment upgrade program. There I met and fell in love with Jossy, a wonderful ‘Sabra’.who showed me all of Israel. We remain close with him and his wonderful wife Ophira. In fact I was on holiday with them in Spain just a few years ago and more recently met up with them in Vancouver, BC..
  • As a reward I received a universal ‘Free Pass” from El Al Airlines that took me around the world. In England I fell in love with Terry, a wonderful Englishman and we lived for a while in Sweden so I could teach “American” not English to the Norsemen.   We had a lot fun there and later on in Cambridge, UK as well!

1987  AKW to London                 Ardith Tigers 2

  • Living in Europe changed my life, and broadened my horizons.  What adventures and experiences including  living in an old Victorian in Cambridge next to the greatest university in the world where I had contact with scholars, intellectuals, artists and many others,  Also punting on the river Cam, having tea in an orchard and so much more; it was the beginning of the age of Aquarius and an opening to the greater world for me.
  • After some years I returned to California a more worldly person.  It was now the 1970’s and without missing a beat I blended into the local scene and had a great time. I loved being a hippie chick with skirts made of curtains and flowers in my hair – having wonderful conversations with other truth seekers on the meaning of life, God, tomorrow and much else including the Beatles.
  • I burned my bra, stood up for women rights, choice and even marched against the war in Vietnam…It was an electric and quite meaningful time for to all of us. I had a wonderful little puppy named Muffin and she and we traveled and shared the road and many adventures together in perfect harmony.
  • I became one of the very first women bartenders in California at the Hyatt Hotel. When a new sexiest bar manager took over and mistreated me, the Hyatt, instead of raining in his abuse, fired me. So I sued the miscreants, illuminating the discrimination against women prevalent at the time, and won a most historic case.

Hippi Chick       L 1st female bartender at Hyatt

  • Litton is where my life changed overnight when in walked the man of my dreams, Leopold B. Willner. He was just so handsome, charming, warm, funny, sexy, educated and so happy to be with ME! I was on a cloud, and I still am.
  • We met in September of 1973 at the office and had a ‘working’ friendship for a few months…. Until a business dinner on the night of December 9th when a click-your-on-fire heart flame took us both over never to let go.
  • It was love, it was new and bright beyond what I ever dreamed it would be…. while Leo did the most impetuous thing he ever did in his life, when, just five days later, he asked me to marry him! I was on cloud nine!    From flower child to the wife of a worldly and athletic looking senior executive type – what a rush!
  • On my wedding day I was floating on cloud nine to be joining my life with this wonderful, sexy, kind, funny and happy intelligent man.  Yes, I was floating on a cloud at that moment years ago; just like right now while I am recalling the moments and writing this on my Legacy Portrait.


  • Wedding Day portrait
  • We soon moved to LA and from there traveled and shared much laughter and adventure – like any good gypsy couple should – in good spirit and health as the best of partners each and every day. I know I am the luckiest woman alive and I shall be eternally grateful!  We both grew from our close relationship, me starting from my hippie chick days and he from a background as a college professor of applied mathematics at Northwestern University.
  • On another occasion, as we had just stepped outside of a dance hall in Las Vegas to get a bit of fresh air one very late night, I noted, after a bit too much partying, how wonderful it was that the city fathers were conserving electricity by turning off the street lamps. Not so Leo noted, its just dawn breaking!

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From Me To You - Personally

My Legacy Message

I was always curious and adventuresome and my life in these highlights reflects that mindset, so I've lived through quite an adventure.   I have toured the world and seen the amazing colorful varied spectrum of humanity with its many cultures and lifestyles.  To my mind the US remains the best of place to live and California is at the top of the heap. Additionally I suppose that: 

  • Culture, art and love is the fine wrapping of good family life.
  • Make time to communicate with your higher self.  Many answers are already known to you if you will only let yourself hear them.
  • Eat healthy small meals when possible as this will allow you to be more alert to the life that is blooming all around you.
  • Do not worry too much about the bumps along the road, they are just meant as a chance to improve and to grow as they are overcome.
  • Live each day with an attitude of gratitude.   Up until the end of your days stay very active and hike and ski as best you can.

Nameste, Ardith

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