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Brad Pitt - Actor

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  •   Arrived December 18, 1963 at Shawnee, Oklahoma
  •   Starring today in Hollywood and the world

His life has been blessed with adventure, film making, good friends and a loving caring family.  On this site you will find some remembrances of Brad, his career and his dedication to the well being of his fellow man worldwide .  Note:  If and when Mr. Pitt takes over this legacy site himself he is sure to have much more to say about life, art, compassion,and charity -  Ed.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt – Manly Movie Star And Action Hero

  • An American superstar movie idol, action hero and fine actor, who appeared in such memorable Hollywood hits as Moneyball, Seven, Fight Club, Ocean’s Eleven, World War Z and Fury to great critical and public acclaim.
  • Born and raised in the small cowboy town of Shawnee in Oklahoma Brad Pitt has an appealing even folksy hometown boy charms that draws in most everyone.
  • A rarity among manly action heroes, Brad is also a much admired actor who has enjoyed three Academy Award nominations and numerous other honors reserved for the most accomplished masters of the acting profession.
  • At Oscar Pitt
  • Handsome superstars are always an attraction to the great beauties of the day in Hollywood, in this case to the fine actresses Gwynetth Paltrow, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.  He was married to Ms. Aniston for five years and is now married to Ms. Jolie, another actress of great note and acclaimed humanitarian.
  • Brad and his wife Angelina Jolie are leading lights on the social and philanthropic scene of the world – and work very hard to give the most of themselves to the most difficult causes.
  • While gifted with great natural talent Brad Pitt still had to learn the nuts and bolts of screen acting the hard way by playing minor roles of various sorts in lots of film and TV.
  • After years of playing supporting roles in film along with frequent television guest appearances, Mr. Pitt finally attracted wider recognition as a result of his supporting role in the 1991 road film Thelma & Louise.
  • The Robert Redford film A River Runs Through It  had a positive affect on Brad Pitt’s career as a universal actor and film star; for which he  credits its director Robert Redford and his talented team.  From then on pretty much everyone who enjoys the cinema knew of Brad Pitt and his special talent.
  • Since about that time he has been an actor whose critical acclaim and enormous popularity with the public have been richly rewarded with huge box office success making him one of the greatest film stars and attractions of all time.  That is to say many people go to just about any movie that has Mr. Pitt on the billboard.
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  • As with other great stars of film such as Robert Di Nero, Paul Newman, Robert Redford and others, Mr. Pitt has taken on a broad spectrum of roles from hero to highly challenged personality, from warrior to comic figure – mostly to considerable success.
  • All the while this fine actor has dedicated a significant portion of his time, his fame and his purse to great humanitarian and philanthropic causes such as the disaster in Haiti, the hurricane in New Orleans, Aids, world poverty, Doctors Without Borders, Stem Cell Research and many other good causes.
  • Brad and his wife Angelina Jolie are raising a family of six children:, some adopted, some via live birth, several of mixed race, all with great love and in the harmony of the human spirit.
  • This is the living legacy of a life of great accomplishment and great worth that can be said to fill the role of real leadership toward greater peace, progress, harmony and humanity – yet all carried out with a fine eye for humor, action and fun.

William Bradley “Brad” Pitt was born December 18, 1963 in Shawnee, Oklahoma, became a star in Hollywood and now belongs in the pantheon of great film personalities.


Life Scenes That Speak For Themselves

A Caucasian male bent over a table autographing a movie poster. He has light brown hair with blonde highlights, and is wearing a dark-colored trench coat with a white shirt. Visible in the background and foreground are other people, some of whom are also signing autographs.               W magazine Angelina Jolie Shiloh Pax      Brad


Hollywood and the film industry have seldom produced a star of such great emotional appeal as Brad Pitt.  Along with the likes of Gary Cooper and John Wayne he has come to represent the best of the virtues of the thoughtful, decent, quiet man whose actions in film and in life speak with eloquence about what it is like to be strong and good at the same time – Ed.

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Living here and now in the USA is an amazing blessing.  While all the world is tumbling and stumbling about we are able to enjoy friends and family in an environment of material well being, good health, lots of fun and leisure in a land where freedom, equality and justice is still the prevailing goal of many people.  My life has been blessed and I want to give back as much as I can - Ed.

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  • I'm told that my new film Fury is seen by the public as one of the very best WWII movies of all time alongside Sands of Iwo Jima, The Longest Day and others.
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