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Caring and Care Giving

Caring for others is a big part of life that helps to give it meaning and vibrancy.  Each situation is different and may need to be handled in its own unique way.  Thus we may at times wonder if what we provide is enough and at the right time or in the right way?  To share in someone’s happiness or joy is a blessing!  To be there to multiply the experience of someone we love or support, by being there for them at their graduation, their birthday, or their hole-in-one or first communion, is showing caring when it really matters, when it counts the most. Good times are enhanced when others share in our experiences by being there for us, as we are there for them.  Here caring and care giving blend naturally with friendship and love.

In someone’s time of trial with a marriage, business, financial or family problem or accident or illness, we may want to be there to lend aid and comfort.   To do so at the right time and place, with just the right kind of help and support is what true caring and care giving is all about.  Often the support is from a friend or family member.  At other times it may be at the hands of a professional caregiver such as a trained counselor, nurse or therapist.  When it is given with warmth and an open hand it goes a long way to making the situation, however difficult, much better.


But how to do it right or the best way, that is often the riddle.  Is it sympathy that is required or would empathy work better?  Is addressing the physical or factual aspect of the other person’s difficulty or need the answer?  Or is working on the psychological or emotional aspect more likely to yield a good result for the one in need.  Is the caring intended to be passive, or is enabling activity the right way to go?  Is the best way to proceed gently and slowly and just be a presence in the room to give support, or should one go forward with ways, means and ideas guns  a blazing?   In either case it is useful to ask oneself these questions prior to rendering too much support!   Care and care giving that fits the situation and the need is so much more likely to do the job.

Can a personal legacy portrait help in providing just the right level of support, assistance or therapy to someone at either a moment of joy or a time of difficulty?   Would it be helpful to be in closer touch with the person we are supporting by relating to their past and present life?  Could one draw upon the life lessons contained in a personal legacy to get a good idea on how to approach the current situation – or communicate better with the person?  For friends and family who know them, this may help them with the emotional tone of the support they render.  However, for professional caregivers, a quick pass at an individual’s personal legacy should be a great step forward in gaining the insight needed to provide just the right sort of therapy or other support.  For caregivers this highly distilled and crystallized impression of who a person really is could be the magic potion leading to a far more successful treatment.

After all, when created with care and honesty a personal legacy in words, pictures and videos can help to present a relatively clear and understandable portrait of a person and how one might reach them.

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