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Charles Peete Rose Jr.

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  •   Arrived January 5, 1942 at Henderson, NC
  •   Appears in New York City and the World 

When Charlie Rose elects to take over as Admin of this site he will express his own unique and gifted point of view.  In the meantime we offer this multimedia personal legacy portrait of Charlie as the man who more than any other helps to reveal the ideas and the personalities of the leaders of the world of art, sport, media, public affairs and letters.   If you want to be an informed person today you might do well to read the Financial Times and watch Charlie Rose wherever he appears.  Ed

Charlie Rose

A Major Conversational Voice For Our Age

That Engages The Arts, Sports, Society, Business and the Political Class

  • Few of us can imagine what it takes to engage the forefront of the world of thought and action in meaningful probing conversation.  To grasp what gifts of mind, spirit and art allow one person, however gifted, to probe and argue with the major figures of the day in a one-on-one give and take is hard to fathom.
  • As a small boy in Henderson, NC Charlie got to listen in on the folksy conversation of small town people spending time at his father’s country store, the Rose Gin and Supply Company.  There he inculcated the sound and the rhythm of down south casual country speak, its friendly parlance and good humored prodding.  Later on he listened just as attentively to the North Carolina baritone and nuanced speech of Edward R. Murrow as he conducted his famed Person To Person interviews on CBS.
  • Charlie’s conversation is typically and disarmingly in the form of a southern comfort, delicately nuanced, dialectic that gently probes and  draws out the deepest aspects of his guest’s personalities, craft and thought.  Charlie gets it done with a gentlemanly style and panesh most everyday as though it were commonplace to get such folks to speak unbridled truth to their public in lieu of highly crafted PR diatribe.

w kissinger

  • Many others from Edward R. Murrow to Walter Cronkite have plowed the field of engaging with famous guests with success, but mostly in the role of the reporter or interviewer, acting as an outside voice to query those of fame and power.  That is not exclusively what Charlie Rose is about.  Instead. he goes head-to-head with the rich, the famous, the powerful and the wise in an honest discourse – where his guests often seem to interact with him on an equal footing as peers – no matter their high station in life.
  • For 18 years and with roughly 6,500 guests, PBS’s hourlong Charlie Rose (Show) has been a salon for extended, thoughtful, civil conversation about politics, culture, business, science, medicine, technology, literature, media, law, education, and any other topic that the host chooses to explore, Rose, with persistent charm and charming persistence, manages to be unique. He can carry on a serious discussion and elicit revealing, unfiltered answers without being either a lapdog or a jerk. – Kaplan, Fortune Magazine 2009
  • While his Charlie Rose Show may have a much smaller reach and footprint than many another interview centric TV program, its impact on American life is far greater, because his guests are from the A-List of humanity, while his audience too is made up of the creme de la creme of persons from every walk of life – and those who follow them with interest in their art or worldly affairs.

170px-Duke_Chapel_4_16_05   younger w lady

  • Charlie has always loved sports of all kind.  He played basketball in high school, followed Mickey Mantle’s career with the NY Yankees and still loves to engage the waters around Long Island Sound.  He is also a bit of a golf enthusiast or nut if you prefer – with his own practice golf holes on his Long Island property.
  • North Carolina gave Charlie his roots, Duke his education in the arts and the law, his father’s small business his practical grounding, his early days at Bankers Trust his sense for finance and big business,  PBS/NBC/CBS his education in popular media, New York his window to the world and to society.
  • Mary Smith his former wife worked in the media business and encouraged Charlie Rose to give up banking and law and enter broadcasting.  Bill Moyers the well known former press secretary for Lyndon Johnson, now a TV show host and personality, was one of the first to give Charlie a leg up into the business, and the rest is television history.  After a few years with Moyers, mostly behind the camera as a producer, Charlie was off to NBC then CBS to eventual success – after more than a few ups, downs and sideways.
  • Charlie Rose was an admirer of Edward R. Murrow and of Bill Moyers, both also southern gentlemen, who interviewed famous guests on TV with a comfortable gentle style and grace – but also with persistence and purpose.  Charlie liked the idea of having an eclectic interview talk show of his own, which in time and after some trials he achieved.   “I wanted viewers to feel like they were eavesdropping on a conversation each night — fully engaged if not actually participating,” Rose says.  Who could have imagined that he would go on to exceed the achievements of his mentors and idols – but he sure did.

Middle East map    Charlie and Amanda 2010

  • Charlie works very hard at his craft and has little patience or tolerance for those who fall short because they do not.  Yet in all such matters he shows his humanity in his empathy for others and their travails by remaining open to their feelings and their point of view.  Yes, he has been a bit of a driven and ambitious sort and yes he has the ego of a star – and so he was destined to become a star in the media business and a star in New York society.
  • On one occasion long ago it was reported:  ‘He throws his arms in the air, exclaiming, “I grab life and go with it, because”—he snaps his fingers—”it can be extinguished like that! This is the kind of life I want to live. ‘The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation,’ as Emerson or Thoreau said. I don’t want life to pass me by.”‘ – People Magazine 1986.  Indeed he has not and it has not!
  • From 1991 on the Charlie Rose show grew in its impact on American Life with many thousands of in depth conversations with people of note.  Guests have included United States presidents, leaders of foreign countries, Nobel Prize winners, famous authors, film and stage actors, sports stars, ballet and opera stars and many more from every walk of life.  Indeed, some leading personalities and world actors who shun the media willingly appear on his program.
  • Charlie has been known as a man about town in New York for many years.  He is a star on the streets and parlors of Manhattan where his personable manner is on display and the reaction of others to him confirm it. Most of all, his natural modesty and self effacing manner make him a most appealing personality in Gotham City.
  • By engaging important people in serious conversation Charlie helps to create news as well as to report it.  He does not just give others a platform on which to pontificate or sell their ideas.  What he does is engage them and their point of view in a manner that helps to reveal the person to the world along with the point of view and agenda they are detailing.  He also gently probes the factual basis and the usefulness of what they have to say and then helps to place it in a greater context and give it currency.

newsman in field      his Boat

  • Charlie Rose cannot avoid the sharp tongued critics of his success, nor any improper comparisons with the overly paid captains of entertainment, media, sports and business – so he is prone to self doubt and self criticism – about his career and its success.. For example: If Rose harbors laments, they are not about the “battered, twisted ruined tin pot steamboat” he captains, but about the personal choices he’s made during the voyage – Kaplan, Fortune 2009.. How pointed in the wrong direction is that twisted bit of gibberish?.  For in the glare of great success no one is spared unkindness and criticism from time to time.
  • Great curiosity and interest drive his work ethic and program preparation in advance of meaningful discussions and questioning of major figures in the arts and public affairs.  Charlie wants to be conversant in these matters to such a degree that he has his own well thought out point of view  to enable a carefully nuanced probing of the world leaders, experts and authorities he engages head on on his show.
  • As his show is funded by donors such as Coca Cola, the possibility of conflict of interest does exists and is at times a source of concern.  On the other hand, Charlie Rose on his show is far more than a newsman or reporter, and his commentary should be appreciated in that sense.  He is a worldly man in conversation with the rich, famous and powerful of his day who does not shy away from stating or showing his own perspective or point of view.  That is not only reporting, but on occasion news making.

caricature     Charlie Cartoon

  • Since 2012 Charlie Rose has co-anchored CBS This Morning with Norah O’Donnell and Gayle King, which has become a major hit for CBS as a two hour morning news and affairs show.  Charlie Rose is visibly its main attraction, while his fellow anchors are both gifted and play a major part as well.
  • As a news anchor Charlie is different in that he listens a lot, he laughs frequently and he looks with a jaundiced eye and some amusement when others try to ply the rutted road of propaganda, disinformation and sheer nonsense on his news show.   He seems to be saying: ‘Are you kidding me, or what?’
  • Charlie is a man in his early seventies without the company of parents, siblings, children or a spouse, yet he is well centered, busy and prosperous in substance and in his breath of friends and acquaintances.  He has overcome many obstacles in business and in his personal life to become a much admired man for all seasons in the media business.
  • In the age of the Internet where reporting can be a bit loose,  where advertising is often hidden in content, where political positions and maneuvering posture as honest programming, where facts at times seem to matter less than opinion, where ideology often trumps pragmatism, there is our Charlie on his white horse continuing to speak truth to power and ignorance.

group talking

  • In the sense that the elite of the nation is watching with interest, admiration and sometimes awe, and the rest of us follow in train, Charlie Rose is one of the most popular and yes powerful people in America.  In the sense that he is much admired in the rest of the developed world, he is a counter balance to the lowly opinion many have of America and its leadership – including in particular W Bush and Barack Obama – both failed states in their own right.
  • All of which brings us back to the beginning: Few of us can imagine what it takes to engage the forefront of the world of thought and action in meaningful probing conversation.  To grasp what gifts of mind, spirit and art allow one person, however gifted, to probe and argue with the major figures of the day in a one-on-one give and take is hard to imagine.

Laughing Charlie


  • So lets all give it up for Charlie Rose, an American original, who on a daily basis helps to inform and at times entertain us in a world of ever growing complexity and convolution.  Somehow, his abundant enthusiasm, interest and even joy helps to transcend the darkest stories or enliven the best of modernity – Ed.

From Me To You - Personally

My Legacy Message

For Example Charlie Might Offer: 

Good conversation is one central avenue to meaningful progress in the affairs of man.  While all the world is tumbling about and we live in a land of freedom, equality and justice, opening the dialogue with people of many cultures and points of view is key to future peace and prosperity.  In a rapidly changing world, my take is: 

  • Technological change - with all it brings in train - will continue for a long time, so we must adjust to it and demand that our government manages it for the benefit of its people, ahead of corporate and special interests.
  • Advanced healthcare is another major key to the future.  Progress in the study of the brain and the mind are both fascinating and quite promising - they deserve greater funding.
  • A primary focus on people and family is always the American way; while corporations, institutions and government need to be even more responsive to the citizenry they serve.
  • American freedom, democracy and capitalism must learn to work effectively and in peace with other rising political/economic systems such as Turkey and China.

When Charlie Rose speaks for himself, greater wisdom can be expected, Ed.

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