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Chances are that nowhere in your house is there a concise vivid portrayal or personal legacy expression of you as the person you are.  Yes, there are photo albums, documents and much else even perhaps some resumes and biographical summaries.  Nonetheless, if you are like most of us, there is little if anything that gives a clear picture of you as a person – illustrated in a short form by highlights of your life, key photos that tell it the way it was and stories and observations about you –  and the life you have lived so far.  Where if any place is there the ‘About Me’ summary of you, or the ‘This Is My Life’ portrayal, or ‘Here I Am’ world, look at me?  On this website, in a permanent reachable place, you can post your Self Portrait or Legacy Portrait to be seen now and in the future.

  • A permanent Home In The Cloud, where the legacies of the past are the preamble to the evolving life stories of active people.  This website contains a storehouse of human experience and human values onto which you can add your own story, your own legacy.  It is a private gateway from the past to the present and into the future – one that has never before been available except to the famous, the rich and the notorious.
  • Here is a place for you to personalize your life story of joy and sorrow, achievement and loss and  your many experiences of adventure, romance, achievement and friendship. To get the idea look at the [Example] on the Menu].

       senior woman and middle aged daughter

  • Each legacy site contains to various degrees the evolving legacy of someone at midstream in their life who wishes to express and put a bit of color onto who they are, how they live and what they have learned and contributed.   This can take the form of past experiences retold, hopes and dreams, key milestones, little known personal stories, photos, and much more.
  • Their site, and yours if you so wish, will – to whatever extent is chosen – contain a record of items and events of note about friends and family; and perhaps others as well, along with their connections to one another.
  • Your personal legacy  portrait on the cloud can also serve as an always available easy ‘intro to you’ for others to see:  new friends, acquaintances, and colleagues or the public in general.  As in, “Here world, here I am in my own words and pictures as I see myself – look at me”.
  • On an even more personal note, were you to lose a parent or someone else close to you, you may create a separate memorial site to house their story in photos, remembrances and the like as a commemoration of their life.  As the years go by, legacy sites can be transformed into memorials – upon the passing of such friends and family members.
  • The content of each site is a suitably arranged and carefully selected choice of photos, videos, bios and stories. What is included – and just as importantly what is left out – is strictly up to the Admin of the Legacy site – you if you so choose.  The same applies to the style and other features and capabilities set in place by the Admin.

You can read more about how to create your own Self Portrait in Recent Posts, or you can find out how to Join Us and move forward.  For other choices use the Menu or return to the HOME page.