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A Eulogy Is A Heartfelt Sentimental Farewell

For A Very Personal Memorial Legacy Portrait A Few Eulogies May Help

  • MyEulogies.com is an affiliated website to MyCloudMemorial.com where you can get assistance in creating a Eulogy to a departed friend, colleague or family member.  Then you can add these eulogies to your Memorial Legacy Portrait of a departed friend or relative.
  • At MyEulogies.com you will become better acquainted with the styles, forms and other aspects of eulogies and eulogy poems so that you may choose one that is appropriate for your occasion.
  • The celebration of the life of someone who has recently departed is a truly unique event that will not recur.  Therefore it is a singular opportunity for you to express to family and friends of the deceased your feelings, your memories and perhaps a story or two that will touch the hearts of all who are gathered there in love, community and reverence.

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