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Layout and Assemble Your Life Story In An Interesting Way - Including

  • Details of Life - Childhood, Marriage, Career , Exploits, Fun & Travel
  • Family & Friends - Close Friends, Key Family, Personal Contacts
  • Photos, Videos, Music - Using Media to  liven Up The Site and Person
  • Stories - Of life's Special Moments, Occasions & Accomplishments

Layout Your Site For The Right Feel

Make It Look And Feel Like A Good Place To Visit – By DESIGN

  • The layout of your Personal Legacy Self Portrait website really matters as it help to draw in the reader as well as organize the experience of the viewer and lead the way forward.  It is key to making your site both interesting and easy to follow and navigate.  As such, a good layout will help to keep your visitors interested and involved in what you have included.  
  • First impressions really do matter, so a good picture and a good starting line are the key to welcoming any visitor to your legacy site.
  • Any recent event of note such as the birth of a child, a marriage or graduation, a change of employment or an anniversary story should be highlighted as it makes your personal legacy portrait even more interesting, current and focused.
  • If the legacy portrait site is an all about me view that describes some o your life’s most interesting challenges and opportunities, these are sure to be a source of great interest to those who visit.
  • The overall content and its presentation in terms of balance and form is your key to success.  The best way to find just the right balance is to keep on trying until it looks and feels just right.  Of course much also depends on your choice of material as content.
  • A Basic Legacy consists of one webpage containing a main header, a primary photo, a place to introduce its host, a content sections of highlights with a scattering of pictures, an area of revolving photos called a slider, a personal message area and a place for announcements.  Featured Sites are listed on the right hand column along with Recent Posts or blogs.  To get the idea click on anyone of the Featured Sites such as Brad Pitt or Jack Doss.

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To get a better idea of why a good layout is of great value, do, if you have not done so already, take a look at one of the Featured Sites listed on the right hand side of this page such as the one of Taylor Swift or Ardith Willner.

To examine a Personal Legacy portrait that is intended as a Memorial to a departed loved one see The Golfer.  

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