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With a limited selection of highlights, remembrances and stories plus some carefully chosen photos, you can create a Personal Legacy webpage in the form of a personal portrait of who you are the way you want to be known by others, It will serve the purpose of capturing the essence of who you are and the essence of your life from a personal perspective,  It becomes a visible exhibit of your life story in a public forum, ensuring that you will have a permanent presence in the world and its history on an honored public site on the Internet that also contains the legacy of many famous people and celebrities.

Later on, you may add a good deal more in terms of pictures, stories, videos, remembrances and biography to tell the story.  These can over time make a personal legacy of self portrait even more interesting.  This takes the form of a first or primary landing page – the one you reach by ‘searching by name’ on the mycloudmemorial.com website Search Box. This can be followed by additional pages that are easily accessed and tell the rest of the story. For example extra pages for a: photo gallery, biographical material, art, original writing, stories and remembrances, career highlights and most of all a family page – detailing beloved parents, children and others of note in your or their life. 

In making these selections one decides what to include and what to leave out to best present a personal legacy as a self portrait of you – doing so is much more art then science or logic as all of this is very personal and close to the heart.  Adding stories about anyone’s life, including its joys and its accomplishments, will give its legacy even greater texture and richness and be of higher value to others.

Mature couple engaged in gardening

It is helpful when making these selections to consider the variety of visitors this site may have over the coming years; Even in a more distant future, when someone you may not have heard of, looks to connect into the story of your life.  Perhaps someone interested in an artist, teacher, soldier, public figure or person of note or of worth – such as you.

Herein the Site Admin – you or your designate – gets to choose the look, the feel and what to include as the content of your legacy site.  The Admin can also makes further additions and changes to the site over time. Your story is meant as a living legacy embodying the personal look,feel and tone of the your life as you enjoy it now and as it may be commemorated by others who visit your Legacy.

In most cases a legacy does not contain much of a literal or linear historical record of your life – at all – indeed just the opposite in many cases.  As the emphasis and focus of the site is on what you hold most dear, important or of interest.  Put more simply it only contains items you want to be a part of your legacy – say your travels or hobbies..

Your personal legacy on the Cloud should be a special place that offers up a lively interesting view of you and your life’s journey and what it has meant to you – for you to remember and appreciate and for others to enjoy,

Outdoor fun

In most cases this website is not a good place to offer up detailed career or business material, which generally need to be targeted to a narrow audience for a specific purpose. Indeed a good legacy site is far too broad and fun in scope for that.  Similarly,a legacy site is not a place to engage in personal communications,  an area that is already well served by social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and others.  The content of a personal legacy is meant to be of high quality and semi-permanent, and only altered every few months or years at most; unlike the day to day casual content traffic of the ever in flux social media.

Of course many aspects of your life should remain private and not appear in your legacy site.  Note that other than what you (or your Admin if you choose one) place on your legacy, no personal information of yours will ever be shared by Eulogy Services or MyCloudMemorial.com with anyone else including businesses and other organizations – without your written permission.

To get an even better idea of what a Personal Legacy or Self Portrait might look like for you, take a look at one of the Featured Sites listed on the right hand side of this page such as the one of Marilyn Monroe or Ardith Willner.

To examine a Personal Legacy Portrait as a Memorial take a look at The Golfer.  

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