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You Get To Choose The Level of Support You Want While Creating Your Personal Legacy

  • ‘With Staff Edits’, you get our staff to do basic edits on your writing and your photos..
  • ‘With Master Edits’, our staff will upgrade your text and photos to a higher standard and improve its appearance..
  • ‘With Writer Assist,’ a professional writer will rewrite and enrich any of your material for greater appeal as needed.
  • A  ‘Custom Site’, a professional writer will work with you to organize and complete your personal legacy site – via the website and email.

Much of the time a Personal Legacy in a one page format is sufficient to fill your need.  Later on, as time allows and more content is available, a photo gallery page, a family page, personal stories and much else can be tailored in to create a more comprehensive portrait or life story.  Extra charges may apply to these additional web pages.  All such pages are connected by a menu on the main page of your Personal Legacy.

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