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  • Use this website to search for and connect with others - especially friends, colleagues and family members.                                                
  • Remember to include photos and stories about other people within your Personal Legacy and Social Key

Socialize Your Legacy With Friends & Family

Our Connections To Our Friends And Family Define Who We Are

Friends and Family along with our Colleagues populate many of our experiences and are an integral part of the Life Story or Personal Legacy of each one of us.  For this reason it is very valuable to clearly incorporate their involvement in each episode of our story as best we can with photos, stories and remembrances.

Personal Legacies Form A Permanent Link To Our Friends and Family

  • The life we live and the memorial we leave behind is a natural product of the family we come from, the friends we have made along the way and the many teachers, guides, bosses and colleagues who helped us and nurtured us along the way.
  • Recognizing these folks in our self portrait, personal legacy or memorial site brings concreteness as well as reality to the life we have lived so far and to what we will someday leave behind.  These connections frame the context of our personal history and our current situation – and are the basis of all our joy..
  • Visitors to our personal legacy site are always interested in the connections to friends and family and how these relationships and their many stories enrich our life and theirs.
  • Some among our friends and family may be high achievers or persons of note, while others are simply good people, the salt of the Earth. Members of each are of critical importance to us as they represent the spectrum of our exposure to life, people and different points of view – at times pointing to the great moments of our life journey, while more often an important part of the footprint of our daily experience..
  • Including a good deal about friends and family within a self portrait or personal legacy makes it much richer, more vivid and interesting as well as adding context to the stories and remembrances is helps us recall.

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