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  • This personal legacy website is a good place to search for and make connections with others via their Legacy sites  - especially friends, colleagues and family members                                                                      
  • With that in mind it is helpful to remember to include  a good deal of family and friends photos, highlights, and stories in our own Legacy Site, as an important part of our life story.

The Blessings of Family

MyCloudMemorial.com Is All About ‘La Familia’ And Bringing It Closer

These are the ties that bind as we are deeply bonded in our roots of ancestry, culture and family background and life circumstances.  In truth few if any of us ever fully get to far outside of the boundaries set by our roots – except in the areas of education and career.  Some of us try to deny this truth due to unfortunate circumstances and family situations and that is understandable.  Best of all is to seek out and focus upon the best of our family life and its experiences.  That is a valuable journey to take and a way to identify that which belongs on our Legacy Site as a part of our Legacy Self Portrait or memorial for someone we love.

Family Members Can Be A Mixed Bag, So Choose Who To Include

  • So choose the best selection of key family members to include in a Self Portrait of Legacy Portrait as a way to get the legacy or memorial site in closer harmony with the lives of family including parents, children, cousins, uncles and aunts and of course grandparents and great grandparents.  Showing links to other websites that contain their photos and stories when available can also be of value.
  • Even though this is NOT in any way a genealogical site, but a place that houses the personal Legacy Portraits of individuals, it can serve to begin to understand family and their roots.    Starting from a Legacy Portrait one may elect to proceed to genealogical sites to search for comprehensive charts and connections of an individual.
  • Legacy portraits can be greatly enriched and made far more attrative when they include text, pictures and videos that include family members on special occasions or situations.

big family at home

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