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  • One of the many uses of this mycloudmemorial.com website is to search out and make connections with others - especially friends, colleagues and family members.
  • With that in mind it is sometimes helpful to include some photos, connections and stories about other people to link with the person whose legacy site it is.

Friends Are Most Important

While We Are Born Into Our Families We Choose Our Friends

Your friends bear testament to your life, your deeds and your adventures as they were often present to witness and acknowledge what you experienced.  It is through their eyes that we sometimes get a surprising reflection back on our lives as it is seen from their different point of view and experience base.  As such our friends are not only important to us for all the obvious reasons but also for the role they play in enriching our understanding and appreciation of many things.  Our sensibilities are molded in the cauldron of our interactions with those around us, especially our friends and family.

Some Are Classmates, or Fellow Workers, or Neighbors While Others Were Met in Passing Along Life’s Journey

  • Old friendships we appreciate the most as they have history, shared experience and long term bonds that bind.
  • Friends and colleagues from work often represent a different sort of caring and sharing that is also of value.
  • Former classmates and fellow travelers in youth are the repository of high hopes, dreams and adventure.
  • Neighbors populate our daily lives and bear witness to how we live, play and care for our families.
  • Best friends are best of all as they are or were a true extension of ourselves in place, space and time.

Friends Frank Elio Leo 2012

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