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George T. Clooney

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  • Arrived May 6, 1961 at Lexington, KY
  • Stars in LA, London and the world

His life has been blessed from the beginning with lots of opportunity, challenge and adventure. When George Clooney elects to take over this Personal Celebrity Legacy site, we can be assured that he will convert it to a place 'nearer to the heart's desire'. Awaiting that day, we can only marvel at the man, his career and his many artistic and humanitarian contributions to our world - Ed.

George Clooney

Distinguished  As Much By His Role In The World As By His Stardom

The Personal Nobility Of:  To Be Blessed Is Also To Be Obligated To Serve

  • George Clooney has used is extraordinary popularity to become a major media voice for freedom and fairness.  Seldom have we seen in one person such radiant charm, personality and wit coexist with such a depth of character and seriousness of purpose.  George Clooney is in this sense a major public voice for the world’s socially conscious class that never ceases to hope and strive for a better world.

Time Cover

  • He is also known as a regular guy who enjoys fun, games and even pranks with his wide circle of intimates, friends and family.  It appears to those around him that he truly gets that life is for the living to live with zest and vigor in a condition of amiable fraternity; and George gets it and lives it.
  • On another level he is the consummate gifted artist who plies his trade for art’s sake as much as for fame, renown and economic gain.  As such his struggles are at times visible and in some ways as revealing as his many successes.
  • The film Monument Men which takes on the scandalous and often overlooked pillaging of the arts by Nazi Germany is a case in point – it failed to achieve financial success, but it was a good cinema in other ways and he persevered.  George, as a master of his craft, got to re-experience the disconnect of the aspiring artist or innovator, all with his wit and charm intact.

Couple out on the T;own

  • We are left to wonder at such a man, who, blessed with great talent, looks, personality and charm, would rightly be expected to slowly sink into the banality of a life of endless sycophantic congratulation and self love; but who instead, rose to become a much admired star and a person of note.
  • What then is it about this guy that places him in the pantheon of players on the stage of world affairs while at the same time on the TV and silver screen as a fun loving playful ‘bon vivant’ of merriment and games, a skilled writer, a film director and producer and great media entertainment personality?  The answer is simple:  George Clooney is first and foremost a success at being himself.
  • A legendary prankster, George Clooney pulled a fast one on his Ocean’s 11 coworkers – covering producer Jerry Weintraub’s doorknobs with Vaseline and fixing a bucket of water over a doorway, designed to soak Julia Roberts. A surprised bellman was drenched instead – People Magazine

C with Brad Pitt      clooney

  • He grew up as a catholic boy in Kentucky with a gifted mother and a veteran newsman father.  He loved sports most of all, especially baseball, but he was also a good student.  George attended college for a while but never finished.  Lots of transitional early employment followed, none that really captured his interest.
  • In those years he grew up, enjoyed life and the fun of youth but also suffered illness and personal disappointments.  Perhaps some of this is now reflected in the depth of his character as well as his joie de vivre.
  • His early connection to acting were in part triggered by Rosemary Clooney his aunt and her offspring Miguel Ferrer – son of the famous actor Jose Ferrer.  Rosemary Clooney was a big time TV and Movie singer, actor and personality – and she had also lived the life.

George on Motorbike Young

  • As with so many other future stars who plied their trade largely unnoticed in their early years, like Gene Hackman and Walter Matheau, George spent a decade in Hollywood playing minor and secondary roles in TV shows like Golden Girls, Roseanne and Baby Talk to little particular acclaim.   All the while he got better on his own and with the help of the Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school.
  • With a winning smile that lights up the room, an engaging intellect and a personal charm and wit now attached to a journeyman A-1 first class actor, George was now more than ready to become a star.  And so he did playing an engaging young doctor on the TV melodrama E/R.
  • It is also fair to report that George Clooney kept growing as a person and as an actor as the years passed.  It seemed to many that as he aged he just got more interesting and better in lots of ways.

W his Dad

  • Movie success soon followed with many hits and a few others, from Ocean’s 11, 12, and 13 to (say) Batman & Robin.  Other films displayed his growing acting acumen, as in The Perfect Storm, Up In The Air and Out Of Sight.  In Good Night and Good Luck he paid homage to his newsman dad and his own great interest in world affairs.  Gravity with Sandra Bullock was an entry into the high tech world of movie making.  Overall, Clooney is one heck of an actor.
  • Now a super star in his thirties and forties he chose to remain the consummate leading bachelor and not follow up on his early not so successful first marriage.  This made George Clooney the object of much mostly unsought and unwanted attention.

Clooney UN Chad

  • Over time he also began to write, to direct and to produce films of note such as Good Night and Good Luck, Leatherheads, August: Osage County and Sand and Sorrow.  In these films we see George Clooney the man, now in full bloom doing and saying what has to be said, and doing it in his own way.
  • All the while, as a worldly person, George Clooney participated with world leaders, UN representatives, Barack Obama and many others to engage the major tragedies of the world and make a difference.  George put his mind, his heart and the weight of his celebrity behind causes such as Haiti and Darfur, and he did it with little fanfare and with boots on the ground.

G Africa Darfur

  • All these weighty matters should not make us think for one moment that the happy prankster that was Clooney early on has gone away, not at all.  He remains to those around him the same lively, funny and offbeat character he always was.
  • In his new wife, Amal Alamuddin, George Clooney has found a life partner and soul mate worthy of sharing in his many future successes as he in hers.
  • The Cecil B. DeMille Golden Globe Lifetime Achievement Award George was awarded in 2015, which, along with his three Golden Globes and two Oscars, serves to reflect honorably on the career and achievements of this remarkable yet very human man of the arts, worldly affairs and letters.

From Me To You - Personally

My Legacy Message

For Example George Might Opine: 

In this rapidly changing world, my take is: 

  • Technological and other change, with all it brings, will continue so we might as well adjust to it and demand that our government manages it for the greater benefit of its people, not the corporate or special interests.
  • A primary focus on people and family is always the way to go; while the corporations, institutions and government need to be made responsible to the people they are empowered to serve.
  • Love and compassion for ones fellow man is the key to a better, more just world.  Ed. 

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