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Francis Ercole Vignati

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Welcome To The  Francis Ercole Vignati

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  •   Arrived July 17, 1918 at Castle Gate, Utah 
  •   Passed on June 24, 2011 in Santa Cruz, CA

My life has been blessed from beginning to end with great friends and family, good health, several enjoyable careers, financial well being and lots of fun and travel.  Here on this site you will find remembrances of me and of you and me - for which I am grateful.  I can say it best with the words of a song I woke my family with each morning:  "Oh What A Beautiful Morning, Oh What A Wonderful Day, I Have A Wonderful Feeling Everything's Going My Way"...   And so it was all of my life!  Email this site with any helpful messages.... F.E.Vignati

Here Is The Life of A Golfer Example

Hi this is Francis, welcome to my Legacy Memorial Site

A Self  Portrait Located Permanently On The Internet Cloud! 

Displaying who I am, in words and pictures of my life, as my self portrait to remind you of me.  This is my legacy that reflects my personal story by means of a handful of highlights of my life.  This, my profile, is intended to portray who I was and what I experienced in the adventures and joys of a life well lived.. 

Here are some highlights of my Life’s Journey you may wish to recall about me:

  • I adventured through a small town childhood in the coal mining district of Castle Gate, Utah.
  • During these years my dad Bonofacio invested in real estate in the booming city of San Francisco.
  • After a deadly mining accident in Utah my family moved on to a more exciting life in San Francisco and a new world in the big metro for me.
  • My School years were full of fun and adventure, best of all I made a handful of lifelong friendships.
  • Soon thereafter I married Ruth my High School girlfriend and we raised Ardith my spirited daughter and Kenneth.
  • During World War II I worked as a steel construction riveter on US Navy Liberty Ships bound for the war.
  • Later on I worked my way through the family real estate and construction business and then moved on to become a real estate broker.
  • Ruth and I with the children lived the early years of our marriage in San Francisco proper.
  • As the children grew and we could afford it we bought a new house in Burlingame, CA 20 miles away.
  • My friend Walter Shuback and I opened  a real estate office in San Francisco and ran it to considerable success for many years.
  • I had the honor and distinction of being named to the San Francisco Board of Realty on which I served.
  • ardith 9months kenny 19 months
  • I played golf for over seventy years, including two fabulous golf outings in Scotland with my son-in-law Leo Willner.
  • I made holes in one here and there and played at Pebble Beach and all over with many buddies, for most of these years I was a solid fourteen handicap golfer and excellent chipper and putter.
  • My dear wife Ruth and I traveled the world including Europe especially Italy, and Asia stopping in Japan, Hong Kong and Thailand
  • A year after Ruth passed away I left Burlingame for Santa Cruz and lived and traveled to Europe, Canada and elsewhere with much joy with my daughter Ardith and her husband Leo – all told for 7 years.
  • I spent the last five years of my life in the company and home of a Ms. Evelyn Clarke as her dance partner and travelling companion.
  • My later years were focused on family, social affairs, golf, the SF Giants and SF 49rs plus going to the gym and enjoying lots of leisure.
  • My granddaughter Julie has given me much joy and been a source of hope in the future of my family.
  • Brian Vignati, my grandson, has made me very proud by becoming a successful RN, serving the public in the ICU with distinction.
  • Through all these years I kept my faith in America, its people and its promise.  Through all its many trials I remained to friends, family and country Semper Fidelus:  ‘always faithful’.

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From Me To You - Personally

My Legacy Message

My friends and family helped me become the man I became: 

Living in the USA with so many of you has been an amazing blessing. We were all able to enjoy friends and family in an environment of material well being, mostly good health, lots of fun and leisure in a land of freedom, equality and justice.  My life has been blessed by all of this and more, and I am very thankful for all of that.  As to the lessons I have learned along the way, my take is: 

  • While keeping an eye on the future, generally live your days actively engaged in the today and with the people around you.
  • Guard your mental and physical health above all else, especially do not overdo or worry too much about the challenges of career and making money.
  • Be of good spirit and cheerful and expect to have good fortune, as it most often awaits those who are by nature more positive and optimistic.
  • Life lived well is far more about what you can  feel and experience than it is about what you may gain from any logic, reason, analysis and set of facts.
  • Always look for the good in everyone and encourage each person you meet to strive to be the best they can be.