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Great Golf Teacher - Butch Harmon Was His Student

  •   Arrived December 19,, 1932 in Monroe, Louisiana
  •   Passed on March 26, 2012 in Santa Cruz, CA

My life has been blessed from beginning to end with great friends and family, good health, a fun filled career as a Golf Pro and lots of fun and travel. Here on my legacy site you will find some remembrances of me and also of you and me. When it comes to golf, I have done much, seen much and known many of the greats.  And so it was all of my life, lots of fun, lots of action and a lot more!  Email this site with any helpful messages.... Jack

What A Golfer - What A Guy

As A Golf Professional And A Southern Gentlemen

I Lived The Honorable Life Of A Straight Shooter

  • It all began for me near the plantations and bayous of my home state of Louisiana in the town of Monroe, up a ways from Shreveport, LA..
  • From my family and friends I learned most of the values and the ways of life that have stayed with me and made all the success I have enjoyed possible.
  • My best friend and next door neighbor was Bobby Ledbetter, and we both went on to become PGA of America pros and teachers.
  • From my early days an enduring passion for golf drove me to achievement and a bit of recognition around town.
  • I was blessed to win a golf scholarship to attend my Alma Mater LSU, the great Louisiana State University.
  • Thereafter I was drafted into the U.S. Army, where I spent my time mostly designing and actually building golf courses.
  • It was my good fortune to become an apprentice to the great golf teacher and mentor – Claude Harmon and worked my way up at his Wingfoot Golf Club in New York.
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  • While at Wingfoot, Mr. Harmon assigned me the task of teaching his son Butch Harmon the game of golf.  Butch went on to become the golf teacher of Tiger Woods and many others.  So I indirectly helped all of them as well.
  • I had the pleasure and challenge of becoming the head golf pro at the Virginia Country Club in Long Beach, CA.
  • In 1964 I married the beautiful and most charming love of my life, Barbara Hough and my life changed much for the better.
  • Barbara was a wonderful life partner for me and a most dedicated mother to our three children, Michael, Mark and Tracy.
  • On our many road trips I would often sing to the children:  “There’s a hole in the bucket Dear Lisa, Dear Lisa… There’s A Hole in the bucket Dear Lisa there’s a hole!……   Then fix it Dear Lisa, Dear Lisa, then fix it Dear Lisa ….”
  • As a church attending person I lived my life with faith in my heart and a positive outlook on life.
  • It always seemed to me that it was right and proper to look a person in the eye while you firmly shake his or her hand.
  • Because of my wonderful family and my many dear friends, the journey has been very good to me, indeed!

From Me To You - Personally

My Legacy Message

A Few Parting Words From My Heart

Living here and there and really all over the USA has been an amazing blessing for me and my wife Barbara.  While all the world kept changing all around us, we were able to enjoy friends and family in mostly good health, and lots of fun and leisure wherever we lived in this great land.  My life has been blessed by all of this and more.  Here is my take: 

  • Be a real gentleman or lady of class all your life, and it will become one of your greatest virtues.
  • Good etiquette and good manners really do matter, and greatly impact how you are perceived by others and how they will treat you.
  • In life as in golf, keep your head down, plan your actions carefully then execute them as planned and you will enjoy much success.
  • Live with love in your heart and a great belief in your family.
  • Be a friend to all and an inspiration to many - as a positive way to reinforce the fine person you already are.