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Why Not Create Your Legacy?

Why Not Capture The Essence Of Your Life In One Well Crafted Self Portrait?

After all, false modesty is just that, false, and of little real value to anyone in the long run – not your friends, not your family or anyone else acquainted with you.  Your life and its highlights, adventures, happy moments, times of joy and achievement deserve an honored place in your world, while so much else that now populates your personal space may have far less meaning and value to you and those who care about you.  To distill and crystallize hundreds of photos and thousands of remembrances and stories into one compact and easily visited and enjoyed website is a great thing indeed.

Say It Loud, This Is My Story And I Am Proud Of It

  • Most of us have a surprisingly interesting life story to tell, and no one knows or can tell our story, as we wish it to be told, better than we.  
  • For this reason creating a legacy site while you are still full of life containing remembrances: of events, of past friendships, of tales from your career, of your travels, and of your connections to your family and friends, makes for an interesting great story.
  • It is always a good idea to make your legacy site a fun place to visit with its lively photos, videos, stories, humor, and tidbits of biographical fluff.
  • Best of all are the connections to others and their lives you include and your role in their stories and shared experiences   

L me Sask Birg      L me Roy Dad Xmas 84    L Sandy  Rose  and Me L me and tony Schaub

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