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The ABCs of Life and Legacy – LaL

Accomplishments, Bright memories and Colorful times Enrich Life

Were you to reflect back for a moment or two, what would choose as the main highlights of your life?  What are the brightest moments of your past you hold most dear and wish to remember?  What are the accomplishments you are most proud of, bright memories that still warm your heart and colorful times you will never forget?

These are the ABCs of our lives, which may be surprisingly few or portray us differently than the view we usually have of ourselves. Thus, reflecting back over time to gather our ABCs for the purpose of creating a personal legacy may hold a surprise or two.  Looking back on school days or bachelor days or one’s early career will also turn out to be a lot of fun.  Going back over old yearbooks, scrapbooks and photo albums will certainly be engrossing and illuminating.  These activities are sure to bring back a lot of memories along with some emotions long ago put on the shelf.

There are the memories of loves won and lost, and of many related experiences to be recalled and cherished. Perhaps the story of ones one true love is most endearing – from the moment you first met, to falling deeply in love and all of that which followed.   Perhaps love was followed by marriage and raising a family.  For others the adventure of love, whether long or short, remains as a very special and memorable experience.  We can recall the feelings and emotional moments as a special part of our bright memories of colorful times – recalled and collected as precious things to be included as part of our personal legacy.

It is important to notice that legacies and legacy statements should be mostly about the positive and happy aspects of our past assembled in a coherent way to paint an attractive picture.  As such, they are not brief biographies, or delineated timetables of places and events and they should not be presented as a dull narrative as in say a resume or anything of the sort.  While all of these historical data forms are important and have their place in our lives, many such aspects do not necessarily belong as a part of our chosen personal legacy.  A personal legacy is just too important for too much factual diatribe and should instead focus on its ABCs.  Indeed what we may want in our legacy is lots that is colorful and interesting for others to enjoy and appreciate – in terms of highlights, memories, stories, photos and even videos of who we were and who we are, artistically portrayed.

Barbara and Jack

Many folks are quite shy about themselves and prone to think that their accomplishments are few and not particularly noteworthy.  That is almost never the case. Instead, it is a matter of taking a sensible perspective of our lives, its context and the people who inhabit it.  It is within these, more appropriate and suitable limits, as opposed to an examination by the Nobel Prize selection committee, that the merits of our accomplishments can be suitably presented and understood.  To our family and friends a High School 100 Yard Freestyle first place swimming medal may be a big deal.  So is the occasion of our convincing that special someone to marry us.  So is that promotion, that raise, that new house, that special vacation in the Bahamas and so much more.  We do indeed all of us have many accomplishments, bright memories and colorful times to be remembered and shared.  So lets remember to incorporate some of that in our personal legacy.

By looking at life and legacy together we accomplish a great thing for ourselves, we connect the past with the present and organize it for presentation and understanding by others now and in the future.  This integration of our lives from past to present to future is something quite unique and even novel.  Creating a multimedia personal legacy to be housed in an honored public place in the Internet Cloud is something quite special.  In a sense it makes our legacy available and somehow a bit immortal with a place in the high tech future of mankind.  Our story will be out there on permanent global Internet.

Otherwise, sad to say, all that old stuff in your house or apartment or mine is just that – mostly a large bunch of somewhat incoherent and disorganized stuff.  In general all we possess of the past may make little sense to others unless we bring it together in a relatively short and compact crystallized and distilled form.  Otherwise it may be hard to understand or grasp in a simple way the masses of papers, books, albums and memorabilia to be gathered together and mostly discarded some time in the future.  For example, a biography is often too long, too detailed or too dull or meandering to hold anyone’s attention for very long – so it is likely to just sit on a shelf or in a closet. The same is often true of old photo albums and videos, they are seldom viewed and they are generally out of date and of limited interest.   None of that is true of a Personal Legacy or of a properly assembled Personal Legacy Statement.  These are to be carefully crafted to be valuable and interesting to you and to others now and in the future.  All told, a personal legacy can represent a big win or achievement for you.


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