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Marilyn Monroe

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  Arrived June 1, 1926 at Los Angeles, California

  Passed on August 5, 1962 in Brentwood, CA

They say my life has been blessed with good health, great physical beauty, unique talent and a great drive to please and to succeed  Here on this site you will find some remembrances of me and through me of fine film and of another time - I hope you will be pleased.  In this distilled and crafted portrait of my life I hope you can get a glimpse of what it was like to be a great star and an iconic beauty.... as though written by Marilyn

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe  – The Most Glamorous  Female of the 20th Century

A Great Movie Actress Whose Fame Endures

Marilyn Monroe – Sex Goddess, Brilliant Comedienne and Skilled Actress

How can anyone hope to capture in words of praise, iconic photographs and movie scenes the magic that was Marilyn Monroe – impossible. Similarly, to focus any degree of attention on her unusual childhood, famous marriages or tumultuous relationships with the powerful movie studios does little to help us get closer to the world famous actress and social icon.  Instead, it is more fun and more realistic to take a walkabout along her career path, as it can open a personal window into who she was early on and who she rose to become, i.e. rising from an exceptional beauty to a great serious actress and fine comedienne.


  • To the American public Marilyn was and will always remain an adored movie star, a sexual goddess and a great film actress.  They have never stopped loving Marilyn Monroe.  The many personal trials of her life have done little to diminish the public’s love affair with their Marilyn.
  • She was born in Los Angeles, CA where she grew to be star whose fame has, if anything, only grown in the fifty plus years since her departure. No one else except perhaps Elvis has made such an impression on the public consciousness.
  • Marilyn had small roles in numerous minor films before she achieved world acclaim as the star of How To Marry A Millionaire, The Prince and the Showgirl, Some Like It Hot, Bus Stop and The Misfits.
  • Billy Wilder, the world famous director of Some Like It Hot, was in later years quoted as saying “She was an absolute genius as a comic actress”.
  • Sir Laurence Olivier, whom many considered the greatest actor in the world and her co-star in film The Prince And The Showgirl was quoted saying: “Marilyn is a brilliant comedienne, which to me means she is an extremely skilled actress”!
  • Marilyn began her public life as a successful photo model at the Blue Book Modeling Agency. From the start she had an astounding ability to pose for and play to the camera – and through it directly to the public.  This is the very talent she later employed as she was filmed in the movies.
  • In 1947 she signed a contract with 20th Century Fox, the movie studio. Soon after she signed with Columbia Pictures and other studios. She played minor roles in run of the mill movies for several years before the studios woke up and gave her a real shot at stardom.
  • In 1949 she posed for what became her world famous nude – but modest – photo lying on a red silk drape by photographer Tom Kelly. In 1952 the photo appeared as the first centerfold in Hugh Hefner’s Playboy Magazine.  This centerfold and Playboy got noticed and helped her and Playboy reach for the stars.
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  • She first got really notice when she played her first quality role in director John Huston’s The Asphalt Jungle in 1950; which got some attention from the wiser heads in the inner circles of Hollywood.
  • Thereafter, by the early 1950’s she was truly on her way up as an actress in much demand, but she wanted much more.  Marilyn said “I want to grow and develop and play serious roles”.  Her drama teacher Ms. N. Lytoss said: “Marilyn has a great soul” and can become a fine actress.  That’s what Marilyn really wanted!
  • In 1955 she joined Lee Strassburg at the Actors Studio in New York and studied alongside many soon to be famous stars such as Marlon Brando and was, among so many young talented aspiring actors and actresses, recognized to be an upcoming great talent – not necessarily for the stage but most certainly for film.
  • When her brief marriage encounter with the famous baseball star Joe DiMaggio ended she went on to marry the famous Death of A Salesman playwright Arthur Miller. Both men were to play a big role in Marilyn’s future life.
  • In those days she was known worldwide as the American ‘Goddess of the Silver Screen’. She traveled broadly in Europe and Asia and was well received by high society including Queen Elizabeth and many others..
  • By the late 1950’s Marilyn was perhaps the most famous actress in the world and beloved by people everywhere. Yet Rx pills and alcohol had the same effect on her as they had on Elvis – and with the same tragic result.
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  • She became a friend and confident of President Robert Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy and many other famous people during the late 1950’s early 1960’s but all was not well with Marilyn. Sadly she passed in Los Angeles in August of 1962 from a careless overuse of doctor prescribed Rx drugs.
  • Her resting place can be visited at the Westwood Village Memorial near the UCLA campus in Westwood, Los Angeles, CA.
  • In 1999, thirty seven years after her passing the renowned American Film Festival ranked Marilyn Monroe as ‘the sixth greatest female star of all time’!
  • In 2009 the TV Guide Network named Marilyn Monroe as the “The Sexiest Women of all Time”!
  • Without doubt it can be said that Marilyn Monroe will remain in the hearts and minds of the public a great beauty, an iconic movie star, a fine actress and comedienne, a sex goddess and the quintessential American beauty of all time.  The Helen of Troy of the 20th Century.
  • It is a wondrous thing that one half century after her passing no woman, no celebrity, no star of any kind has rivaled Marilyn’s appeal to men of all ages and to vast numbers of women as well.
  • Marilyn Monroe was a wondrous star who graced our lives with her vibrance, her humor and her astounding and eternal beauty – Ed.

From Me To You - Personally

My Legacy Message

The Life And Legend Of Marilyn Monroe Has Enriched Us All

As a very bright and vibrant person whose star was shining before the feminine revolution in America she fought very bravely against the sexism of the major movie studios.  In the end she was indeed recognized by everyone as a great actress and a great star above and beyond her great beauty.  We can imagine the counsel she might give us today

  • Be very proud of all your talents and all your gifts and make the most of each and everyone of them.
  • Strive to be respected and understood for who you are, not for the representation some might make of you in the media or elsewhere.
  • Focus on growing and developing yourself and your art, it is a gift to the world.
  • Physical beauty is not to be underrated, it is a great gift from your parents as is your personality, intelligence and much else.  Learn to use it wisely and generously.

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