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Welcome To The  Martha Stewart

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  •   Arrived August 3, 1941 at Jersey City, NJ
  •   Starring today in Home & Garden Media

Her life has been one of striving for success as the superstar of modern home and garden skills and arts and advanced homemaking.  On this site you will find our impression of the life and success of Martha Stewart as a gifted proponent of what is best in the home and manor and in American life in general.  Note: When Ms. Stewart elects to take over this legacy site herself she is sure to have much more to say about Martha Stewart Living and the role of women in American life -  Ed.

Martha Stewart

The Home And Garden Grandmaster of American Life

Bringing Skill, Art and Craft Back Into Home Values

  • No one by any measure has done as much to bring the virtues of the home and garden back into the forefront of American life as Martha Stewart.  By her own hand she has reversed years of progressive neglect and decline in the skills and crafts that are needed to make a house a true home.


  • While many of today’s bright young women have bought in on the idea that the sixty hour week in the office is the modern path to success and happiness, Martha has reminded the rest of us that the joys and virtues of a great garden, fine dining and cultural values of the home are of equal or greater value – as an arena in which their mothers and grandmothers found much satisfaction and familial success.
  • Indeed these homemakers of the post WWII America did a great job of keeping their families from straying apart while driving their kit and kin to have high aspirations, good values and a proper standard of conduct.  Martha with her leadership has done much to remind us of that old wisdom that from good parents and good homes come good children.

m w flowers

  • Martha Stewart as an influential media voice has done a great deal to help hold at bay the isolating effects on family life and culture of the Internet era and its many divisive distractions by providing fun alternatives.  She is a supporter of women’s rights and equal opportunity at the workplace who advocates culture, conversation. cooking, decorating, sewing and gardening and a greater appreciation of music and art as central pillars of ‘family living’ at home as the foundation of a good life.

M as small child   old family photo

  • She came to these values very early on as her mother and grandmother taught her among much else how to sew, cook and can and preserve food.  In these skilled women she had a working model of how the home and its values can be managed to good purpose for the benefit of the entire family.  She watched, she played and she learned.
  • Her father Eddie had a passion for gardening and she acquired much of her love and insight into this joyful activity from his knowledge, expertise and love for all it encompasses.  Thus gardening also became a lifelong passion of Martha Stewart and she a most skilled practitioner.


  • As a young women of exceptional good looks, poise and grace she was a natural as a model at fashion shows and for print and TV advertising.  From an early age she could earn good money and enjoy a degree of success.  Later on, modeling helped finance her college education at Barnard College in Manhattan. Her modeling experience gave Martha some initial entry into the world of media of every sort, an advantage she would learn to develop in future years.
  • While in college Martha met her husband to be Andy Stewart who at  the time was attending law school at Yale.  As was more common in those days (1961), Martha and Andy got married early on when she barely 20 years old.


  • Martha always had a very keen mind and sharp understanding as well as a dominant pragmatic side.  All of these traits and talents fit very well with her up and coming career as a stock broker in New York.  This was her introduction into business, big money and the people who populate the world of finance.
  • Soon after, life got even more interesting as the couple found happiness in a new baby when their daughter Alexis was born  She was and remains Martha’s pride and joy and a central focus of her life.  It was time to refocus her home life, her venue and her ever expanding career interests.
  • So in time Martha, Andy and daughter Alexis moved to Westport, CT to an old nineteen century farm house on Turkey Hill Road.  Here was a project the young woman could really get into, as much restoration and refurbishing were required.  This was important in the development of the Martha Stewart living icon regarding Interior design and home decorating as a central part of the art of fine living.
  • Her passion for cooking was also growing as she taught herself its craft by way of Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of Fine Cooking and other means.  This led to her opening a catering business and soon after also a gourmet food shop to establish herself as a business woman on the rise.  No doubt her talent for enterprise was already much on display.


  • Alan Mirken as head of Crown Publishing became acquainted with Martha Stewart at one of her catering events and was so impressed by her and her cooking talents that he asked her to develop a new cookbook with recipes and photos from her catering business parties.  Her first book, Entertaining came out in late 1982 and she was on her way as a cookbook author of note.
  • Over the next decade Martha wrote successful books on cooking, Christmas, Weddings and much else about American life, home and hearth.  She also became a well known media star and celebrity with many appearances on TV and elsewhere.  She was now a celebrated media personality and soon to be the media mogul we all know and appreciate today.

Martha collage

  • These were great days of business growth and success for Martha Stewart and she was its star.   As her schedule was amazing and intense she had to work with great energy and dedication to keep it all moving on track.  Of course this took a toll on her and and on all those around her.  As an example, by the late 1980s her marriage to Andy Stewart was waning and coming to an end.
  • Her daughter Alexis was and is central to Martha’s private life and a source of great joy and pride.  Like her famous mother, Alexis is possessed of exceptional high spirits, intelligence and good looks.  Alexis’ marriage and the birth of her child were important milestones in Martha’s busy life.

1317482072_martha-alexis-stewart_1   m w daughter

  • Martha Stewart is a lover and fancier of animals of every kind who has owned Chow Chow and French Bulldogs, adored Himalayan cats and appreciated the beauty and class of Friesian horses.  She has contributed much to PETA and to the protection of animals.
  • In 1990 Time Publishing worked with her to start the celebrated magazine Martha Stewart Living which became a great hit and was soon followed by a popular TV show based on its central theme.  It was all a grand success.  By 1997 she consolidated all of her now considerable media empire into Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, a very promising company.  She now had that great trinity of the upward reaching success oriented few:  Money, Power and Fame.

M with Dr Oz

  • Greater and greater success followed her into the new millennium.  She was now rich, famous and much beloved by the American public, an icon of modern womanhood.  All the while, her real contribution to the quality of American life continued with ever growing success.
  • Fame, fortune and Wall Street, with its all too clever financiers and lawyers, have led many people into the grey zone that borders marginal practices and stirs the restless financial regulators of this kingdom to action.  Martha, will all her smarts and experience, was still caught up in a ‘tempest in a tea pot’ scandal.   As a great celebrity she was a natural target for a public spectacle and dressing down, and so she was made to carry the cross for many others who were far more to blame for some illicit financial shenanigans..


  • Martha Stewart has bounced back from these experiences with all the vibrancy and energy we have learned to expect of her.  Martha’s TV shows, writing, design and public appearances have continued, changed but unabated, to much success.  Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia has expanded into many new areas from home design and decorating, to new home parks, to the wine business, a TV cooking show and much else.

w Horses a friend

  • The public truly reveres Martha Stewart for her great contributions to American life.  To them and for them she is a singular beacon of success and a great personality to appreciate and follow.  Much more is expected of her in the future.
  • To repeat: No one by any measure has done as much to bring the virtues of home and garden back into American life as Martha Stewart..


From Me To You - Personally

My Legacy Message

An Imagined Martha Stewart Message: 

Living today is an amazing opportunity to learn about new ways and ideas to explore and better technologies to engage to create a more enjoyable home and garden living experience - Ed.

Announcements & Milestones

  • I am so pleased to be back in the role of teacher, mentor and good neighbor to all of you who wish to make Martha Stewart Living arts the way forward for your home.