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Your Real Legacy Is Your Life Story

Build Your Legacy – Personalize Your Life Story

In the dictionary Legacy commonly means what property and wealth you leave behind from your life.  More recently it has come to also mean what you leave behind of yourself: your life story, the lessons you learned, your words and your photos, your art and mostly your stories and remembrances.  It is best and much easier to begin the process while you are at mid-stream full of life and its moments.  Later on, memories fade, stories are lost as are photos and memorabilia, so it is best to begin putting together any of the following starting today:  My Personal Legacy, About Me, My Profile, My Story, My Life,  My Biography, My Memorial.  Do it now and say it proudly: “This is my life, my story and my way of communicating who I am in a personal legacy self portrait for others – especially friends and family – to enjoy.”,  or “This is me, about me and I am proud of who I am and who I have become”.

What you fashion will become your Legacy

  • Using the search box next to the menu bar on top of the page anyone can search for your legacy site and find you – be they a friend, colleague, or family member, or anyone interested in you and your story.
  • If you are the Admin of your site or that of a family member, you get to choose what to include in a brief biography, in a set of key photos and in videos that appear on the site – to make it valuable and of interest to others.
  • From time to time you may want to make changes to the site and to add or delete material such as stories, videos or blogs from others that are suitable.


  • Some personal legacy sites are basic – perhaps only containing a limited set of photos and highlights – while other customized sites are more inclusive. These are likely to also contain biographies, photo galleries, stories and remembrances, videos, and much else – including connections to family and friends.
  • For someone visiting a legacy site for the first time, a basic list of milestones, highlights and accomplishments yields a good heads-up general impression of the person and their life story.
  • As a personal legacy site grows, the occasion of a wedding, anniversary, birthday and other special occasions can provide a good a story, new photos and remembrances to be added to the site.
  • Each legacy site becomes more dynamic when it can link to other sites at MyCloudMemorial.com of friends and family or connect to social media.
  • These personal legacy life portraits or Life Stories are meant to be positive and only include what you want to communicate to others.  They are not biographies of any real sort, or a form of resume, or a life history – neither are they meant to be linear in content or sequenced in time or place.
  • Instead what is best, most interesting, most fun and most revealing of who you are is a more abstract, non-linear, non-sequential, non-temporal and more abstract, impressionistic and artistic version of you and your life i.e. as in a Van Gogh portrait as opposed to a simple photograph.
  • Thus creating a Self Portrait on a legacy site can become a self-reflection personal journey of great significance if you so allow.  It is an opportunity to recall and remember much of what happened in your life and why.  It is also a chance to reflect deeply on the emotional journey you have lived internally and as a consequence of circumstances and experiences, i.e. if you let it, its a real trip to put together your Self Portrait. 

To get an even better idea of what a Personal Legacy or Self Portrait might look like for you, take a look at one of the Featured Sites listed on the right hand side of this page such as the one of Marilyn Monroe or Ardith Willner

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