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What Is More Revealing Than Good Stories  

These can take the form of remembrances or of shared experiences told by others, that relate the moments, happenings, events and circumstances that for some reason or another make up the most vivid part of our treasured memories of the past.

We All Love A Good Story

Keep Your Stories  Brief, On Point, Colorful, Emotional and Human

  • The main story to include in a personal legacy, whatever it may be, should appear right up front in your ‘highlights’ to generate interest in a viewer who may not yet have decided whether to look at the rest of your Legacy or surf on to another site.  It can be of childhood, youth, a first romance, a work experience, a great adventure or other circumstance.  It should be what you deem to be a key story related to the reader as though told colorfully by a real storyteller .
  • Tales of family, of love, of friendship are always in order as they warm the heart and are sure to get much attention and followup interest in your life story.  Do not spare the emotional aspect of any story, for they are at the heart of its appeal and resonance. 
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  • Any tale about your education, career and accomplishment if a bit interesting and engrossing may be suitable and can be included on you legacy site Self Portrait.
  •  The experience of a great vacation, adventure or major occasion can also be very interesting if it includes personal observations, remembered emotions and sufficient detail and context to make it seem real.
  • Don’t be too shy, after all this is your legacy story, so a somewhat prideful tale of success, of achievement or of note can also fits the bill among your stories.  Especially if they are populated with enough colorful detail.
  • Stories about your marriage, children and family life are certainly of interest to many and an important way to frame your life story and its legacy portrait for the future.
  • Keep in mind that you know and remember many things that are new to others even those closest to you, and these surprises for your friends and family really do much to enrich your Personal Legacy and Legacy Portrait.

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