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Our Preferences

Who Knows What They Are?

Why Does It Matter?

Most everyday we are busy doing what we have to do, while in the background awaiting our attention are our unfulfilled wants and needs – tempered and driven by our preferences.  If anyone were to ask about any of this we might be tempted to answer that these are private matters for us alone. True enough, but how are we to manage these preferences and set some priorities, let us consider a circumstance or two:

  • If a friend were to shop for a gift for us for our birthday or anniversary, how would they know our preferences?  Perhaps they could discreetly ask a family member.
  • If we were being recruited for a new job or considered for a promotion, how can our examiner get a handle on what drives our actions in terms of wants or needs or preferences?  Would such knowledge when shared be of benefit to us?
  • When someone new meets us and wants to know a little more about us before going forward in the relationship, would a grasp of our preferences serve to seal the deal?  Where could they get this headsup about us?
  • Are there aspects of our preferences that are not so private that others may know what they are, what we like or prefer?  If so, how do we make this information generally known to friends, family, colleagues and others?
  • How is an outside caregiver to go about their work helping us if they do not know who we are as persons, i.e. what are our special needs and preferences –  when circumstances make it difficult or clumsy for them to ascertain this information.  Say at the time of an auto accident or an emergency admission to the hospital?
  • As time passes we change and so do some of our preferences?  Did you change your favorite flavor of ice cream, beer or wine?  Have your political views been altered over time?  Is all of this known to others?  Do you want to be more transparent to your colleagues, friends and family – and care givers?

When we try to identify who we are, do our preferences jump up as key identifiers of our self imposed place in the world or not?   Do our career preferences, job preferences, political and religious preferences matter?  In choosing a friend or a spouse do we seek out the others’ preferences in music, sports, entertainment, food, lifestyle and all the rest?  Enough said, our preferences are one key to who we are and who we prefer to associate with – without doubt.

As we look to flesh out our personal legacy, one area to consider is the identification of those preferences we wish to share with others:  Ultimately they also help to give closure to who we are in everyday life and perhaps some clue of how we may want to be known or remembered.

We hold preferences even in places we do not commonly acknowledge, including:

*  Style and Fashion          *   Food and Drink         *     Home Decor

*  Sports and Leisure        *   Entertainment           *     Vacations and Travel

*   Automobiles                  *   Personality Type      *     Political Affiliation

*   Philosophy & Religion  *   Places to Live          *     Social Media

*   Socializing & Partying  *   Privacy                      *      Friendship

*   Philanthropy                 *   Community Affairs   *     Love & Marriage

*   Sexual Preference         *   Art & Music                *      Risk Taking & Gambling

This is not a mutually exclusive or collectively exhaustive list, or anything like that, just a little food for thought.  So as you go forward with your personal legacy, remember to keep it very personal, very non-biographical, very interesting and artistic –  that is very full of you and lots of stuff that relates to your likes and preferences.  With a smile in your heart tell the world who you really are!

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