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Notices - Purpose, Privacy & Legal

MyCloudMemorial.com is a website of Eulogy Services of California that offers:

  • A convenient cost effective way for individuals to portray their lives in the form of a Personal Legacy website housed on the Internet Cloud.  On these personal sites individuals can create their own artistic or literal impressions of their lives as a personal legacy or a memorial for the future, that anyone may visit on the Internet at MyCloudMemorial.com.  The company with its websites and software offers the capability for individuals to represent their personal story including the role in the lives of friends, family, colleagues, neighbors and the community – in whatever manner they choose in terms of form, content and media.
  • Personal sites on MyCloudMemorial.com are available to the public at large or restricted by password.  These sites are not intended to serve the business purpose of any public or private organization. In fact personal legacies may include content that is not chronological, precise, comprehensive or even particularly clear.  Instead, a Personal Legacy containing text, pictures, videos and other materials may if one chooses portray an individual life in a stylized artistic manner. For example in the form of impressionistic art, vague or distorted imagery or even classic lyrical poetry.  In no sense is a personal legacy, as something very personal indeed, necessarily meant to be either very comprehensive or particularly exacting.
  • The Administrator of each legacy site at MyCloudMemorial.com is the one solely responsible for the content of the site as well as its composition, style and form of presentation.  Therefore, no representations are made or should be implied as to the accuracy or utility of any text, pictures, videos or sounds contained on any personal site housed on MyCloudMemorial.com.  Personal legacies are just that and nothing more, personal representations of a life – not biographies, family histories, resumes or anything else that relies heavily on thoroughness, precision and clarity.
  • Trust and the protection of privacy is at the core of our enterprise and personal values, so we will not share any personal private information with any business or other entity without your prior approval.  What is contained on any individual legacy site, to the extent that it is not password protected by its Admin, is open to the public.  We also will not allow or encourage any intrusive action or violation  of personal rights by advertisers and their data mining and other agents or their corporate masters.
  • To protect the privacy and reputation of the public and keep its content safe and untouched, mycloudmemorial.com will operate as a walled garden.  As such, content is transmitted by the Admin of any personal legacy to the secure website agent for inclusion on its pages.  these websites are meant to focus on the positive aspects of each life, and not be a depository for criticism or complaints or for a litany of injustices.  For this reason the company reserves the right to deny service or provide a website to any individual or organization solely at its discretion.
  • The company is not responsible for any material that is posted or included on any of its individual personal legacy pages, that is the responsibility of its Admin. The content of the company business pages of mycloudmemorial.com include copyright protected material as well as information out of the public domain from such sources as the Press, Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia and affiliated websites and other public sources.  For specific individual sources, you may send a written request to the company.
  • Celebrity legacies housed on this website initially belong to the company.  Their content and the opinions they may contain are protected by rights afforded the press to report on public matters and public figures.  However, the company welcomes celebrities choosing to become the Admin of their personal legacy webpage on this website whether in original form or in the prototype created herein.  Meaning they may request to take over the site, modify it and improve it as they choose in concert with the policies of the company.


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