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A Personal Legacy Site:

Should Start With A  Message Of Interest, as in :  

'Welcome to my Personal Legacy Site in the Internet Cloud, I hope you find it of interest. My life is very good now with great friends, a nice place and town to live in and the blessings that come from a very good life partner and wife. My career on the whole continues to offer challenges and provide some fun.  All in all, I am real happy, so take a look around my legacy site and email me with any ideas or comments... Thank You TJ

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Hi, I’m Tom Jones – Welcome to My Personal Legacy High Up In The Cloud! 

Here Are A Some Highlights Of My Story To Share With You:

Who I am and the words and pictures of my life are my artistic self portrait of the person I became as a result of the many adventures and experiences I shared with you and others.  They reflect my personal story in the form of a personal legacy via a limited number of glimpses into my past that form a sort of collage of my life – as seen through my eyes.  As such, when taken all together, they paint the picture of who I am and how I got to be this way.

  • I managed to survive a rocky childhood and move on to a great life with my family.
  • My School years were a mix bag as I was shy, yet I managed to start several lifelong friendships.
  • My newspaper delivery route offered very little in pay but I learned a whole lot about people.
  • Somehow I worked my way through college and became a respectable attorney in private practice.
  • My greatest achievement is that I married the girl of my dreams and we had three lovely children.
  • As I worked on the business papers, divorces and lawsuits of many people over the years I became more grateful for my own life and its many blessings.
  • leo birg 2000.jpg
  • I participated in some community affairs and contributed as best I could to the poor and unfortunate.
  • Its is true that I made a Hole In One at Pebble Beach last year, golfed in Scotland twice and went to the Masters.
  • Participating in the PTA for a better school program at our junior high was real interesting.
  • Working on the church fund raiser the last five years was a trial by fire for me, which had an okay impact.
  • I wrote a pamphlet on good local government for the Judicial Review Board which got  a bit of attention.
  • Most pleasing of all, I saw my children graduate from college without going broke and then witnessed them starting family lives of their own.
  • It seems to me that the world was always changing faster than I could either understand or absorb what was going on before the next  technology, or next war, or next economic or political event overcame me.  Yet it all turned out okay.
  • Kept my faith in America, its people and its promise through all its many trials, and remained always faithful.

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From Me To You - Personally

My Legacy Message

For Example You Might Say

Living here and now in the USA is an amazing blessing.  While all the world is tumbling and stumbling about we are able to enjoy friends and family in an environment of material well being, mostly good health, lots of fun and leisure in a land of freedom, equality and justice.  My life has been blessed by all of this and more, the parts of our lives that matter the most to me.  As to the rapidly changing world, my take is: 

  • Technological change - with all it brings in train - will continue for a long time, so we might as well adjust to it and demand that our government manages it for the greater benefit of its people, not the corporate or special interests.
  • Advanced healthcare and its dramatic cost increases needs to be properly balanced with the lifestyle, economic, social and family factors of daily living; while keeping foremost in mind what is best for the society as a whole.
  • A primary focus on people and family is always appropriate; while the corporations, institutions and government need to be made to focus directly on what works best for the people they are empowered by the citizenry to serve.
  • All sorts of change and drama will come and go in the world, so stay close and focused on friends and family and guard their well being and yours with a passion. 

Announcements & New Milestones

  • My grandaughter Terry graduated from Oklahoma State University.
  • A one month tour of Italy, France and Spain is on for next summer!