Where Your Life, Pictures and Stories are Visited

A Photo Gallery Can Be Time Travel

A Life Story Is Best Illustrated with a Few Well Chosen Photos

  • Here is a great place to allow the visitor to the your Legacy Portrait site to engage in vivid remembrances of you as a friend, relative or colleague – full of life or now in your later years
  • The selection of pictures in your Self Portrait should in most cases be somewhat limited in order to provide focus and save time to maintain the interest and attention of the your viewer.
  • A real photo gallery with twenty or more photos should be housed on a separate page to be visited by those who have the time to do so.
  • This is a ‘Goldilocks’ issue where too little in terms of photos is too ‘cold’ and too many photos is too ‘hot’, while just the right amount and the right mix in a photo gallery is a great addition to any Legacy Portrait.

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