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Shania Twain - Star

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Welcome To The  Shania Twain

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  •   Arrived August 28, 1965 at Windsor, Ontario, Canada
  •   Starring today in Nashville, Las Vegas and the  World

Her life has been an ever striving climb up the music business ladder backed by a great talent, a strong heart and an amazing resiliency.  On this site you will find lots more about Shania, her music and song writing and her dedication to her fans, her friends and those she loves .  Note:  If and when Ms.Twain takes over this legacy site herself she is sure to have much more to say about life, art, feminism, beauty, business,and the role of women in American life -  Ed.

Shania Twain

An Artist And A Real Woman Too

As a Singer, Songwriter, Performer and Personality With Lots of Flair

  • From humble beginnings to striving for the spotlight she was a woman born to reach for fame and success out of a great effort of body, mind, soul and spirit.  Ultimately she reached the pinnacle of stardom and marital harmony.  She is the best selling female country singer of all time and much more.
  • Eight years old and full of her art already she was singing in local bars in Timmins, Ontario Canada to help her family rise above poverty.  Right from the beginning song writing was her craft and her joy, as it still is today.  At ten years old she wrote the song Is Love a Rose and never stopped.

child singer

  • All of which led her on a bumpy road that in time brought her great fame and artistic success as a country superstar producing such great hits as Man, I feel like a Woman and many others..
  • Shania was blessed with amazing good looks, which were both an asset and a liability for a serious minded artist.  To make the point she once exclaimed “Marilyn Monroe never sold a platinum album, while more people know my music than what I look like” .  Like her friend and fellow artist Faith Hill, another world class beauty and serious artist, she learned to balance art and celebrity with poise, grace and class.
  • Early on she developed unusual physical strength and endurance while working with her Ojibwa Indian step-father, Jerry Twain, on his reforestation program in Ontario.  She always loved sports, horses, the outdoors and tests of strength and ability. On occasion she would even engage in a little arm wrestling and she enjoyed the rough and tumble of country life in the great outdoors.

Shania in Jeans

  • Comfortable clothing, suitable surroundings and the presence of animals and the wild is still the hallmark of the lifestyle preferred by this famous country star. Indeed she has never lost contact with her roots in small town down country places like Timmins, Ontario.  She is and will always remain a country girl.
  • In her early career in Canada few took much notice of her, except for Stan Campbell a DJ and Mary Bailey a country singer, who helped get her started on her way to success.  Years later after much striving folks began to pay attention to her great talent as a song writer and as a singer and performer. She was now in her early twenties.  Ultimately fame and fortune began to shine on her as she approached her thirties.  It wasn’t easy but she believed in herself and kept to the doing and the getting until somebody noticed.

S with Guitar

  • “When rock producer Robert “Mutt” Lange heard Twain’s original songs and singing from her debut album, he offered to produce and write songs with her…. Twain and Lange became very close within just weeks, culminating in their wedding on December 28, 1993. Lange and Twain either wrote or co-wrote the songs that would form her second studio album, The Woman In Me, in 1995 Record executives were stunned …It was unlike anything else in country music” – Wikipedia..
  • Country music fame was finally hers for the taking.  More albums and successful songs followed on the Mercury Label including popular music videos of her performances. Over the next ten years or so she was on the hard grind merry go round of real popularity, a Nashville star to an ever growing adoring fan base.  Much of it was great and fun, while the great stress of such a life was also taking its toll.

Country Singer       Cowboy garb

  • As an extraordinarily gifted performer Shania also gained popularity over an ever expanding demography of music lovers and show attendees culminating in her naturally migrating from ‘country singer’ par excellence to popular singer extraordinaire or ‘Pop Star’.  The great 1997 album Come On Over and its popular singles including You Still The One took her over the top as a world class superstar.  It sold 40 million copies as the best selling album of all time by a female artist.

220px-ShaniaTwainJunoAwardsMar2011  Accepting Award S    2013 Academy of Country Music Awards

  • Now everybody noticed and the awards and notoriety followed. These were years of great success and stardom.  In 1998, Twain launched her first major concert tour.  The  shows were a real success and she won the “Country Tour of the Year” of 1998 and 1999 awarded by the Pollstar Concert Industry.
  • The birth of her son Eja in 2001 was a happy occasion and a high point in her life.
  • The mark of a great person is not only the way they handle their achievements but also how they manage the difficulties that visit everyone in life, even the rich and famous,  From sometime around 2004 Shania had to limit or curtail her singing due to a condition known as Dysphonia which greatly impacts the voice and its vitality.  As has happened with other famous singers such as Frank Sinatra, voice issues were a big setback for Shania and her career – but she soldiered on thru it all.  She was, after all, someone who had known great hardship way back as a child in Ontario.
  • After her marriage to Mutt Lange ended, she found the nurturing love she always wanted in the arms of a most charming Nestle executive, Fredric Thiebaud, A life of joy and happiness was her well deserved reward once again.  Shania with her Indian, French, English and Irish roots is a very strong women in most every way and she will always keeps on moving forward and moving on until she reaches her goal.


  • Years later, with her voice now much improved, she made a successful comeback with a new album and new appearances, culminating with shows at the Caesars Palace in Las Vegas in 2012-14 – to the joy, appreciation and applause of her loving fans everywhere.  She was great!
  • She was named the 1999 Entertainer of the Year by both the Academy of Country Music and the Country Music Association.  From This Moment On, her autobiography depicts the life, the times and the journey of this remarkable woman.
  • From great poverty and hardship to an enduring success as a beloved singer and performer, Shania Twain has earned her stripes every mile along the way.  No one deserves their success more than this strong yet very feminine and human star of the writing set and the performing stage.

From Me To You - Personally

My Legacy Message

Sharia Twain Might Opine: 

Living here and now is an amazing experience with new ideas to explore, new songs to write, and new stages on which to perform.  Overall my life journey has taught me many lessons, such as:

"Its important to give it all while you have the chance"

"Music is a great natural high and a great natural escape"

"Life unravels the way it does, and it has an effect on you, but you have to take responsibility for dealing with it."

 Her life has been quite a ride and the journey continues- Ed.

Announcements & Milestones

  • Dysphonia is mostly in the rear mirror and her career is shining brightly.
  • ..