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Taylor Swift - Star

Celebrity Legacy  10012131989

Welcome To The  Taylor Swift

Celebrity Legacy on the Cloud   10012131989

  •   Arrived December 13, 1989 at Reading, Pennsylvania
  •   Starring today in New York, Hollywood and the  World

My life has been an amazing climb up the music business ladder backed by a loving caring family.  On this site you will find lots more about me, my music and song writing and my dedication to you and the well being of young people everywhere .  Note:  If and when Ms.Taylor takes over this legacy site herself she is sure to have much more to say about life, art, feminism, beauty, business,and the role of women in American life -  Ed.

A Bright Shining Superstar

The Brightest Song Writer & Performer Since… Ever

There’s No Telling What She Will Accomplish Next

  • Taylor Swift is shining spirit and creative energy wrapped in a pretty and appealing showgirl package.  She is the real deal in every way.  Look out world as she keeps on coming!
  • Her combination of looks, talent and ambition only comes along rarely and should be supported, nurtured and appreciated by everyone, not just bright eyed young ladies.  Taylor Swift is an up and rising personage and a true superstar.  To the young woman of American she is a bright beacon of great looks, talent and personality in a friendly very human package.  She is also a most dedicated song writer and creative artist.
  • Taylor  2013 2
  • In the music business they talk about cross-over stars like Faith Hill who appeal to the greater audience beyond country music.  In Taylor Swift we have a cross-over personality not only in the music scene, but also in the entertainment world and media business.  She is star-marked to also have a unique impact on feminism, business and the American social scene and how they all evolve..
  • Taylor Swift was born in Reading, PA to a well educated, well read and well bred middle class Christian American family.
  • While not raised in great wealth, Taylor grew up well situated with horses, a beach home and private schools in Pennsylvania before the family moved to the Nashville area.
  • Over the next few years her skills continued to develop to the extent that after a few bumps along the way she was recognized as a potential star.  Over the next few years, with very successful albums Fearless, Love Story, Red and now 1989 and the tours to promote them, her fame and acclaim rose rapidly with the public and with her fellow professionals.
  • These record breaking albums contain many songs that she wrote solo and others she co-wrote with colleagues.  They celebrate youth, love, aspiration, community, self reflection and other topics near and dear to young people, especially girls, and to the country music scene; and even the general American population.  Many songs are based on her evolving and growing experience as a young woman in transition from ingenue to mega star.
  • Taylor Swift has toured the US to great success and sold out crowds of worshiping fans and music aficionados alike for a number of years in a manner that has set her star firmly in the American consciousness.  This along with her ads and the stories about her in leading publications and TV have made her into a leading national figure and celebrity.
  • Taylor_Swift_2011 purple dress and guitar
  • In the meantime, hidden away from the limelight, is an intense yet sensitive person living her life from day to day; taking action as needed to make the best and most of it and keep her personal life on track.  Indeed it is only possible for the public figure to continue to grow and appeal to the world if the underlying person has a life of satisfaction and growth.  To see what a challenge this can be, think back to such great stars as Marilyn Monroe, Elvis Presley and James Dean – who all failed badly in this regard.
  • In 2011, as one way to celebrate her fame  and appeal among the young women of America and the world, Vogue magazine named Taylor Swift an “Icon of American Style’, a real honor for anyone, especially one so young.  Her style may remind some of the elegant Audrey Hepburn and even Loretta Young of movie fame.
  • At a young age Ms. Swift is now rich, well known and very much admired.  The good news is that she has many more years and much more talent to share with her adoring fans and with the world.  We will all be enriched by that prospect.
  • With her fame and status growing she has chosen to alter her musical path from Nashville country superstar to the Hollywood/New York Pop Scene and a brave new world.  This was made possible by the vibrant true loyalty of her millions of fans who greatly prize her and her art.  She has also moved from Nashville to Manhattan, where, with her great charm an poise, she is sure to win over everyone including the guardians of high society.
  • ts on belly
  • Her latest album 1989 is in the pop genre and not a hybrid with country music at all. It surely looks to be another great big hit.  Interestingly it engages with and expands on her interests in the nuance of love, trust and  faithfulness and other personal topics as seen through the eyes of one who now has an expanded view of these matters.
  • To date the much loved and admired Ms. Swift remains an eligible bachelorette.  While she has dated a number of attractive and talented young actors, musicians and singers since 2008, she remains free to socialize where and with whom she pleases..  For the time being much of her private time is in the company of a fine cadre of bright young women in Manhattan and elsewhere.
  • In the meantime with her music, her performances and her personality she is entertaining the world.  In the background, through many good works and charity she is sharing her great bounty with the less fortunate and those in real need.  This shows the depth of her character and is a measure of her humanity.
  • For example Ms. Swift has worked with community groups to encourage young people to volunteer in their neighborhoods, has promoted social and cultural change for teenagers and helped campaign to protect children from online predators – and much else,
  • As always much of her energy and inspiration is dedicated to her art, where new lyrics and new music and the fun and challenge of its creation present her with an endless and ongoing daily journey toward the future of her art.  In her great care to do it exactly right we are reminded of Apple’s Steve Job who would never give up until he got it just right.  That is, after all, the mark of a master.
  • ts in your face      ts new Times Pic
  • To be at once an admired beauty, a noteworthy talent, a recognized business woman and a famous celebrity is quite a burden for anyone to carry.  For Taylor Swift it is but one more challenge in a life of self imposed goals and objectives.  She is well aware and highly attuned to the many real challenges that face a young female star as she is seen to move into the next phases of her career. We can only wish her the best of good works and good fortune.
  • The role of women in America has changed so drastically in the last decade that today’s more mature women seem to have little connection or understanding of of it all.   Taylor Swift is a shining example of the young, driven and powerful female ‘masters of the universe’ that are coming into being in America.  No one needs to liberate these women, the rest of America simply needs to get out of the way and let them do their thing.
  • The Taylor Swift bio in places like Wikipedia is so massive as to be overwhelming and even distracting and confusing, as it tends to hide the person it seeks to represent..  So much so that the woman behind the bio, the young and beautiful Taylor, is to some degree lost in all the fame and acclaim and recitation of achievements and awards.  Indeed behind all of that fanfare is a very human, quite sensitive and very much alive young woman; one whose career shines brightly and whose fame will long endure.
  • This Legacy Picture of Taylor Swift is an attempt to capture a bit of what and who she is today and is likely to become.  As such it is meant to be a somewhat non-linear and abstract portrait of her and what matters to her – not a bio of any sort – that seeks to crystallize and distill the magic that is Ms. Swift.
  • In attempting to capture, in word and photos, a proper celebrity legacy portrait of Taylor Swift it is only natural to come to the thought that she is someone truly special and unique.  Without fear of exaggeration it is reasonable to speculate that she may be destined to become the generational star for American women of the modern era..

From Me To You - Personally

My Legacy Message

An Imagined Taylor Swift Message: 

Living here and now in the USA is an amazing experience with new ideas to explore and new technologies to engage.  The world has changed a good deal since my parent's time and we need to change with it and embrace what the new media and new forms of communication have to offer.  My life has been quite a ride so far and I want to give back as much as I can - Ed.

Announcements & Milestones

  • My album Red says it best of all about life, love and happiness.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it for you with my team.
  • My latest album 1989 is in the Pop Music style and genre and explores new aspects of me and my life journey.  
  • ..