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While Your Personal Legacy Is A Fixed Star In Your Sky

While the world is a rapidly changing place, who you are and how you fit in the world is an evolving story. While life and the speed of communications in the modern media are racing along by the minute, you are growing and evolving on a scale best measured in months and sometimes years.  For this reason, your personal legacy has greater value and permanence when it is admired and appreciated in an honored permanent site on the Cloud, alongside the legacies of many other noteworthy people, like you – including many celebrities.

Barbara and Jack

The idea that anyone of us can readily capture in words and pictures the essence of who we are, in a way that others can easily and correctly relate to is at first a bit daunting.  Indeed, to be satisfied with the personal legacy image we project to the world is uncommon, more so prior to the time we have given it the full attention and consideration it deserves. When we begin to recapture old memories, recall past stories and select out the most appropriate photos to share, we will be on our way to creating a valuable and true personal legacy.  Quiet self-reflection is a good way to begin as we engage the process of creating an attractive appealing self portrait.

In a world with so much personal media it is easy to get distracted or even confused as to how one wishes to be known.  While a resume is a useful tool when seeking employment, a resume is not meant to be a true representation of who we are in life – instead its focus is on our background education and career.  Similarly a personal profile is a useful quick way to summarize key information about someone, yet it too does not do much to tell who we really are.  While a biography can be a wonderful source of chronological detail, it is by its nature far too long, and detailed to serve as a personal portrait – especially as it may contain material not suited or appropriate for a legacy.  While the Legacy Statement, favored by estate attorneys, is a most useful supplement to a financial legacy, it is insufficient as such to be of much general value unless it is expanded and enhanced in full.

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A personal legacy portrait is intended to capture the past and present of a man or woman both artistically and psychologically; in order to present their true nature in a meaningful and emotionally impactful way.  Of course it will contain lots of biographical material to give it texture and relevance – not to chronicle the past but to memorialize the individual as the person he or she has become in life. As such it needs to bring out the best of the personality, spirit and evolving nature of its object. It is meant as a permanent record of the evolving life of a person which in time can become a spiritual legacy as well.

The idea of creating a permanent display of oneself in the public Internet is novel and and can be disquieting to so some people.  Others are surprised to realize that they have never taken the time to try to capture the essence of who they are in a concise way – in words and pictures.  Still others imagine that they can at a moments notice recall past events, places and people and the stories to which they are attached, only to find when they need to so that they cannot remember this or that aspect at all or in sufficient detail.  That applies to most everyone, not just to the old or those who have poor memories.   Indeed, the past and its images of fun and engagement with the world and of those dear to us slowly fade like footprints in the snow – sometime to be lost forever.  Capturing those moments, those stories, those images  and those adventures is so very valuable because of what they mean to us and how they lend richness and texture to our lives.  So why not incorporate the best of our memories of the past in a personal legacy portrait of ourselves?

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To answer the often asked question: what should we do with the rest of our lives? We might do well to first address four preliminary less daunting topics: 1) Where have we been and what is our past story? 2) Where are we now and, what is our present situation?  3)  What are our wishes for the future, our goals, our objectives? 4)  How do we move forward to achieve all of that?  A personal legacy will do much to answer the first two questions and help us point toward the solution to number three as well.  Therefore, a well crafted legacy is more than a vivid personal statement presenting the essence of who we are on the Cloud in the Internet.  It can indeed serve as a good starting guidepost to allow most anyone navigate into the future.

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